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LoL: An exclusive Hextech Tristana is coming in Patch 11.16

LoL: An exclusive Hextech Tristana is coming in Patch 11.16

Tristana is the next champion to join the Hextech skins series in Patch 11/16

LoL: An exclusive Hextech Tristana is coming in Patch 11.16

Riot Games has revealed the skins arriving in League of Legends Patch 11.16 . In addition to the six new Coven skins, which have already landed on the PBE, the studio has revealed another — it's Tristana's turn to join the likes of Ziggs and Kassadin with a Hextech skin. 

The splash art for Hextech Tristana was revealed on the Chinese social network Weibo. So far that's all we have, as there's no gameplay preview or an in-game image. 

Keep in mind that you can't purchase the Hextech skin with Riot Points. It can only be unlocked through Hextech crafting — you'll need to obtain ten gems from Hextech Crafting Chests.

The skins will be tested on the PBE for a few weeks and  arrive on the live server with Patch 11.16.

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