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LoL: Players discover bug that messes with skills

LoL: Players discover bug that messes with skills

Have you ever thrown an ultimate in the wrong direction without really knowing why? Well, this might be the answer

LoL: Players discover bug that messes with skills

Bugs in the game are a common issue for League of Legends players. Although these bugs don't always have a huge effect on gameplay, they can be utilised to change the outcome if you know how. 

One of the most recent bugs the community has come across is Senna's ability to toss her ultimate in various directions. If you click on a very specific part of the character's portrait in the skill bar, the champion seems to double the effect of her R-Shadow of Dawn, aiming the damage in one direction and the shield in the opposite direction. 

Senna can throw her ultimate in both directions in a split fashion

Senna isn't the only champion that is affected by this bug, it seems others with similar skills are also affected — meaning you'll end up sending your attack in the wrong direction more often than not while moving. 

The glitch affects all champions with these types of abilities - League of Legends
The glitch affects all champions with these types of abilities

The bug can happen when you accidentally click a champion portrait. This in particular applies to those playing red side, who must click the bottom of the screen to move down the lanes.

You can find the original video here

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