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LoL: Riot to rename two Coven skins based on "technicalities"

LoL: Riot to rename two Coven skins based on "technicalities"

The League of Legends community has spoken and Riot has listened

LoL: Riot to rename two Coven skins based on

Riot Games recently revealed six new Coven skins for champions in League of Legends, however fans took issue with the fact that two male champions would be part of a skin line that has been reserved for female champions. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, traditionally a coven is described as a "group or gathering of witches", and witches are tradionally female. 


Ambrielle Army, Lead Skins Producer at Riot Games, responded to the community promising that Malphite, Warwick, Ivern and Nocturne will be renamed "Old God" while Ashe, Evelynn, Ahri, and Cassiopeia will get the Coven skins. 

The new skins are scheduled to be released in Patch 11.16 which is expected to hit the servers on August 11. 

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