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LoL: Viego gets crit-focused changes in Patch 11.17

LoL: Viego gets crit-focused changes in Patch 11.17

As part of the Patch 11.17 balance changes, Viego should no longer be as annoying as a tank -- with new build options opening up.

LoL: Viego gets crit-focused changes in Patch 11.17

Riot have shared a series of modifications intended to change Viego's focus in League of Legends.

The character currently has a significant presence in the competitive game, mostly as a jungler -- something Riot didn't really intend. These upcoming changes will look towards crit-based builds, while reducing how strong he can become from resets.

One of Viego's mechanics is a reset that grants him his passive, healing him when possessing an enemy. In addition, it grants a free use of Heartbreaker (R), the ultimate that allows him to leap towards the enemy with the least health.

Should Viego kill this enemy, he is able to use his Sovereign's Domination again, repeating the whole process. Thanks to all this and more, Rogue were able to secure a pentakill that ultimately led to them qualifying for Worlds. 

With all of this in mind, it's no wonder he's one of the champions getting significant nerfs in Patch 11.17. The objective is not to completely remove him from the metagame, but to reduce his presence in matches.

For this reason, the changes are timely.

Buffs or nerfs: All Viego changes in Patch 11.17

August Browning, champion designer at Riot, detailed the tweaks that are on the way for the Ruined King.

The most important is the healing of his passive, in addition to the range of his auto attacks and the duration of his slow.

As mentioned at the beginning, the goal of Patch 11.17 is for Viego to embrace critical-based items, reducing his strength when playing to a handicap or tanking.

The changes to Viego are as follows:

Base Stats

Reduced auto-attack range

[NERF] Auto attack range: 225 >>> 200

Passive - Sovereign's Domination

"Drain power from his resets, especially when behind or building tanky."

[NERF] Healing on possessing a body: 8% (+.025 BAD) (+ .015AP) (+2.5 AS) >>> 3% (+0.03 BAD) (+.02 AP) (+5 AS)

Q - Blade of the Ruined King

"Shift him slightly towards crit builds."

[BUFF] Crit multiplier: 0.75 >>> 1

E - Harrowed Path

"Reduce the versatility of his AA pattern by hitting AA range and camo radius."

[BUFF] Camouflage reveal radius: 400 >>> 450

R - Heartbreaker

"Drain power from his resets, especially when behind or building tanky."

[NERF] Slow duration: 0.5 seconds >>> 0.25 seconds

League of Legends Patch 11.17 will drop on August 25. All Viego changes are already on the PBE server.


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