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Gamescom 2021: Xbox Cloud coming to Xbox consoles

Gamescom 2021: Xbox Cloud coming to Xbox consoles

Xbox consoles will receive Cloud Gaming at the end of the year, enabling Xbox One players to enjoy exclusive next-generation titles from Microsoft.

Gamescom 2021: Xbox Cloud coming to Xbox consoles

Microsoft's cloud gaming service is taking off. The service, currently available on PC, mobile and tablets, will next come to the Xbox family of consoles. 

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will see the service added at the end of the year, as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Although it will still have to pass a testing phase, the service will come to the consoles with a catalog of more than one hundred titles -- including some of the most important Game Pass titles.

Microsoft is promising to offer faster experiences, which don't depend on game downloads or regular updates in order to play. 

The greatest beneficiaries of the cloud gaming service will be Xbox One players, who will be able to access next-gen titles such as The Medium and Microsoft Flight Simulator. These titles would never normally be available on the lesser machine, due to the tech required to make them work. 

The plan is for games to always run at 1080p resolution and 60 fps on all systems.

At the moment, there is no more specific release date for the service on consoles, other than 'Holiday 2021'.

Aiming to establish itself as the premier player in the cloud gaming market, Microsoft is being aggressive in rolling out its service, which has already gained plaudits for its effectiveness.


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