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LoL: Mikyx defends Rekkles, suggests Perkz was a better fit

LoL: Mikyx defends Rekkles, suggests Perkz was a better fit

In an interview with Korizon's Ashley Kang, G2 support Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle suggests that results show his side were a better team with Perkz.

LoL: Mikyx defends Rekkles, suggests Perkz was a better fit

After their worst season since they joined the top division in European League of Legends, G2 Esports CEO Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez Santiago has promised changes. With no Worlds to contend with, he has a lot of time to think and rethink his side's strategy for next year.

Roster changes seem inevitatble, and rumors have already begun to spread that players such as Martin "Wunder" Hansen and Martin "Rekkles" Larsson are already in the crosshairs, as well as the head coach Fabian "Grabbz" Lohmann.

Another singled out is support Mikyx. Despite being the spearhead of the team's early game, he has not lived up to expectations in 2021. He spoke with Ashley Kang of Korizon about the level exhibited by his new teammate in the botlane, and compared it with his former comrade, Luka "Perkz" Perkovic.

Mikyx: Full Korizon Interview

Responding to Kang's suggestion that people might wonder if there's a difference with former ADC Perkz, Mikyx hesitates.

"I mean, in botlane you could say so -- he played more champs. Gameplay-wise, I thought Rekkles played pretty well in the majority of the games. I was really fine leaving him alone 2v1, and I would just roam -- he would keep farming and was still useful. With Perkz, I had to play around him, make sure he didn't die."

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and armchair fans are sure to have their own answers. For Mikyx, it's a question that he seems frustrated by. 

"They're both good in their own way, but they're just different players. Maybe Perkz is a player who is better for our team, because we could flex more champs. I can't really say who was better, but results-wise I guess you can say it now."


Ocelote promises a 'rebuild'.

Judging by Mikyx's tone, it seems he knows that changes are coming at G2 Esports. It's been a few days since the team's LEC elimination, but once the transfer window opens fully, anything could happen -- especially after Ocelote promised changes for next season.

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