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LoL: Doinb suggests this forgotten champion could make an impact at Worlds

LoL: Doinb suggests this forgotten champion could make an impact at Worlds

Although Tryndamere has never really been relevant in competitive play, former world champion Kim "Doinb" Tae-Sang suggests Tryndamere could have a surprise impact at Worlds 2021.

LoL: Doinb suggests this forgotten champion could make an impact at Worlds

One of the most interesting aspects of each League of Legends World Championship is seeing what picks players have in store for us.

There's usually always one or two champions that surprise fans and players alike, after not having been too relevant throughout the regular season in regional leagues.

It's a tradition that is already giving rise to speculation from professional players about who could fit that mould this year, with Tryndamere doing the rounds.

The prediction of a world champion

The idea that Tryndamere could appear in competitive comes from Doinb. The Korean was world champion in 2019 and known for his picks -- including a spectacular Nautilus -- that lift his teams to victory.

Now, with his return to the very top of pro League of Legends, he has already suggested Jarvan IV and Tryndamere as key picks at Worlds 2021.

Doinb tested Tryndamere while streaming - League of Legends
Doinb tested Tryndamere while streaming

The FunPlus Phoenix star came to the conclusion after testing the champion during a live stream, in which he ended up convinced that Tryndamere will have a more relevant role than Lee Sin had throughout the summer months and MSI.

It's a risky prediction if we take into account that this champion is traditionally among the worst in competitive history, having been selected the least among the big leagues.

It's not like he's getting a buff in the Worlds patch, either, making this prediction one based entirely on intuition. In reality, Tryndamere's pick rate has been steadily increasing in ranked of late, enjoying a 52.65% winrate from Diamond upwards.

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