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LoL: All you need to know about the end of Season 11 rewards

LoL: All you need to know about the end of Season 11 rewards

League of Legends Season 11 comes to an end on November 11th, but what will players get as rewards? A Victorious skin, chromas, honor and Clash rewards -- here's what you can earn.

Season 11 of League of Legends is coming to an end on November 15, giving players a month to reach your objectives in Ranked queues.

As usual, Riot Games will reward its players after a hard year's work. There's a new Victorious skin, rewards in Clash mode, and also rewards for the most honorable players.

Ranked Rewards

Should you attain the rank of Gold or higher this season, in either solo/duo or flex queues, you'll receive Victorious Blitzcrank (as well as unlocking Blitzcrank if you haven't already).

You'll also get chromas for each rank you have reached above Gold, with the chromas slightly differing one from queue to another.

League of Legends
League of Legends

In addition, anyone who completes their placement matches in solo/duo queue, flex, or both, will permanently get the Series 1 Eternals for Blitzcrank, a Ranked profile icon for ranks reached in solo/duo and flex, and an exclusive banner trim.

League of Legends

Clash Rewards

For tournament lovers, Riot hasn't forgot those who have been participating in Clash mode throughout the year. To celebrate the end of its second season, there will be rewards too!

They will depend on the number of Victory Points you have accumulated over the season, although everyone will receive a Clash Contender icon for participating in a Clash tournament. The rest of the Clash-specific rewards are listed below:

League of Legends


  • Contender Summoner Icon: 100 VP
  • Contender Clash Logo: 400 VP
  • Contender Clash Banner: 1,000 VP
League of Legends


  • Conqueror Summoner Icon: 2,000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash Logo: 3,000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash Banner: 4,000 VP
League of Legends


  • Champion Summoner Icon: 5,000 HP
  • Clash Champion Logo: 6,000 HP
  • Clash Champion Banner: 7,000 HP

Honor Rewards

Of course, rewards for the calmest players make a return. As usual we're a little disappointed, since Riot has kept to exactly the same system as last season.

Even if you reach Honor 5, you'll pick up just a ward skin and emote that you'll probably never use. 

Honor 3 Capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • 3 key shards

Honor 4 Capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • Random emote permanent
  • 3 key shards

Honor 5 Capsule

  • Random ward skin
  • Random emote permanent
  • 6 key shards

Riot has also said that this year there will be no equipment specific to your rank in the Riot Games Store.

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