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The Game Awards: Homeworld 3 gets new gameplay trailer

The Game Awards: Homeworld 3 gets new gameplay trailer

The space RTS Homeworld 3 has long been overdue an update on its progress. However, Gearbox has remedied that with a new trailer at The Game Awards.

The Game Awards: Homeworld 3 gets new gameplay trailer

Announced back in 2019, we haven't heard anything about Homeworld 3 in quite some time. However, to see a new gameplay trailer drop at The Game Awards was a nice surprise indeed.

In it, we can see hallmarks of the series, such as megastructures and dreamlike music that accompanies ship battles in real time. The trailer was narrated by Karan S'jet, from his position in the center of the mothership.

Homeworld 3 is scheduled for a PC release via Steam and the Epic Games Store in Q4 2022, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was delayed into 2023.

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