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LoL: A Riot Games error reveals the new next skin for Ahri

LoL: A Riot Games error reveals the new next skin for Ahri

One of the qualities of League of Legends is the quality of the videos made to promote the game. Only by wanting to do too well, mistakes happen. That's what happened in Pride Month video, where a visual rework was noticed.

LoL: A Riot Games error reveals the new next skin for Ahri

Ahri is one of the most popular champions in the game, even being part of one of Riot Games' official music groups: KDA. She makes many appearances in ranked and normal games, but also on the professional scene. It was one of MSI's flagship picks, with 100% presence and mixed results. After receiving a gameplay overhaul (which notably added the charges on her ultimate: Spirit Assault), she will receive a visual update in the coming months, the progress of which has been erroneously revealed.

A look inspired by other games

On Tuesday, Riot Games released a video dedicated to Pride Month. In the latter, the new model of Arhi appears furtively without knowing if it is an error, or a will of the studio. Attentive viewers took notice, and began to compare the differences between her appearance in the video, and what the Nine-Tailed Vixen actually looks like in League of Legends.

Ahri's current appearance - League of Legends
Ahri's current appearance
The new model? - League of Legends
The new model?

The things that jump out at you are the champion's proportions, which have become more realistic. Her posture has also been changed, and we can notice that she stands more upright. In terms of animations, her arms and legs move more naturally when she runs, adding grace by removing the tense side of current animations. The appearance of his tails has also evolved, giving them a more natural look. On the other hand, the tricolor trail behind her is linked to the month of pride (it also represents bisexuality).

His clothes have also undergone some changes, to fit more with his current appearance in the latest games from Riot Games. While this change may come as a surprise to a League of Legends player, Legends of Runeterra fans won't be out of place, as the card game model seems to have been the main inspiration for his outfit (or this project has been planned for a long time, and Ahri's appearance in LoR was modeled after the rework, which is plausible considering she landed less than a year ago on the TCG).

Ahri in LoR (lvl2) - League of Legends
Ahri in LoR (lvl2)
Ahri in LoR (lvl1) - League of Legends
Ahri in LoR (lvl1)

Rework release date

Of course, since Ahri's rework wasn't the main subject of the video, no date has been officially announced. The most optimistic imagine a release in June, because after all if the new model is advanced enough to appear in a video, why not release it soon? Its release could therefore accompany that of Bel'Veth, or be in the patch just after.

Nevertheless, the trail of pure and hard error is not to be completely ruled out. If so, then we may have to wait until the end of the summer or even longer to finally be able to play this Ahri 2.0. This update isn't meant to be exclusively visual, so it would make sense for Ahri to also receive new lines of dialogue to more closely match what the champion has become over the years, as well as new splash arts for her basic model, even for some skins.

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