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LoL: Champions who seem to benefit the most from 12.11

LoL: Champions who seem to benefit the most from 12.11

This new patch was supposed to continue the shift started on 12.10. If for the moment the balance of League of Legends does not seem too upset, some characters seem to be doing well.

LoL: Champions who seem to benefit the most from 12.11

Before going any further, it is important to contextualize this analysis. The patch being released yesterday, we will only talk about champions who have played at least 1000 games since the release, so that the statistical sample is correct. In addition, we exceptionally limited ourselves to Diamond + ranks, considering that at lower Elos, the winrates could be distorted on the first days, while the optimized builds and the counters to certain champions gain in popularity. However, keep in mind that the meta at this ELO is very different from that experienced by the majority of players. For example, on 12.10 Tahm Kench was the champion with the highest winrate (55% on average in the world), while he was only at 48% winrate if we took into account all the ranks. The purpose of this article is therefore more to introduce you to certain champions who seem to be imposing themselves at the highest level, and who we could see landing in official competitions, rather than to give you the champions who will allow you to pass silver/ gold/flat etc.

Still Carrying You!

As a reminder, in League of Legends, a champion begins to be considered problematic if his winrate reaches 53% and he is quite popular. Considering all the possible scenarios, that means that this particular character tends to do pretty well in just about any situation. Some characters can exceed this winrate without being considered too problematic, but these are usually counters, which are only released in specific situations, and are therefore less popular. Now that this reminder is done, Skarner has a 59.23% winrate at Diamond+ ranks. Unfortunately or fortunately, at your convenience, the champion is ultimately very little played, with only 260 games, which means that this winrate could fall in the days to come. Although we said we only consider champions with 1000+ games, this win rate is so stupid that we couldn't ignore it.

League of Legends

The real infernal quartet

Unsurprisingly, Janna is indeed the champion with the best current winrate (taking into account the constraint of 1000 games played, otherwise she is overtaken by other champions). This was expected considering that she was already one of the best champions in the game on 12.10 and was not changed on 12.11. Similarly, Olaf continues to terrorize the top lane. The Frejlordian takes advantage of his kit perfectly, having enough burst with his ax throws to hinder champions relying on sustain to hold the lane, and enough sustain with his W to hold up against more burst-oriented characters. Today Olaf is both scary to face for a top laner, but it's also complicated to really put him down. His winrate in the jungle, on the other hand, is much lower.

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The big winner of the patch is Zeri. No conditional on this statement, the champion has gained 7% winrate since the patch, going from 47% winrate at Diamond+ ranks to 54.75%. And there is no question of nuance with a weak sample of games, because she has been picked more than 6000 times since the patch at this Elo, making her the second most popular champion (behind Ezreal who has a 48% winrate). Finally, the last champion who looks comfortable on this patch is Darius. Already strong on 12.10 (53% winrate in Diamond +), it has gained 1% winrate since the patch. Considering the fact that Janna and Zeri are two champions who can relatively easily kite and therefore limit their impact in teamfights, Darius therefore manages to achieve a good win rate despite a not so favorable meta. Afterwards, we must also recognize that Darius synergizes very well with Janna, and that he is rather strong against the annoying champions Olaf. His winrate remains to be monitored, but he is probably the least problematic champion of this quartet, and the champion who has the least chance of appearing in competition.


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