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LoL: 1800 gold with a single kill... We enjoy the LEC

LoL: 1800 gold with a single kill... We enjoy the LEC

In League of Legends, we watch the kill counter a lot. But to know who really has the advantage, it makes more sense to look at the spread in gold. This weekend, we had the right to a little madness with an elimination that brought in more than 1800 gold cash!

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In League of Legends, there is more than one way to raise money to buy valuable items that offer various bonuses. The most assiduous players will mention in bulk: the minions, the monsters of the jungle, the turrets, the Baron Nashor... and of course the kills! Basically, an elimination brings in 300 PO (gold coins). But depending on the circumstances, the amounts may vary. An elimination can bring less, in particular if the adversary in question dies in the chain. But it can also yield a lot more, especially when there is a premium (shutdown) to recover. Another way to raise prices is to play Draven with his very specific passive.

This weekend, a pro player in the LEC enjoyed playing this iconic champion. With just one click, he managed to recover over 1800 gold ! We don't know if it's a record, but the figures are still very impressive.

1800 gold, how is that possible?

Draven has a tenacious reputation as a lane bully. The ax thrower indeed has a devastating skill set from the start of the game. But it is also necessary to underline his rather particular passive which allows him to garner a maximum of gold in the event of snowball. League of Draven indeed offers during a kill a gold bonus equivalent to 40 fixed gold + 2.5 times the stacks accumulated with Spinning Axe. The sums can therefore quickly become astronomical, if the Draven player accumulates rebounds without dying. We can also add for the most avid players, the activation of the Triumph rune (+ 20 gold) and that of the Collector object (+ 25 gold). Be careful though, the mechanism is a double-edged sword, since in the event of death without cash-in, Draven loses a lot of stacks. Like in real life, theoretical money is good, but it's even better if it lands in the bank account.

Luckily for the ADC of MAD Lions Unforgiven , the Swede managed to cash-in in the greatest calm against Rogue. With a small well-felt ultimate, boosted by the accumulated stacks (the number of stacks increases the damage) and reinforced by Zoe's bubble, he managed to recover a huge elimination on Malrang 's Volibear. The latter had a lot of PV, but what shocked the audience was above all the amount won by the ADC... 1878 gold. We don't know if it's a competition record, but the mark is beautiful and must make more than one ADC hand dream. Returning to base, Unforgiven was able to treat themselves to a good shopping session. He was able to complete his Collector while buying a BF (1300 gold) and a pickaxe (875 gold).

A throw even more impressive than the elimination

Some may be surprised: why don't we talk so much about this very juicy elimination. The answer is quite simple: MAD Lions and Unforgiven totally threw this game against Rogue. While the victory seemed acquired, with a flight of Baron, this enormous bonus and especially the infernal soul, the Lions did anything. Rogue, in great difficulty, managed to steal an objective in turn... Comp with an ultimate Ezreal out of nowhere stole the Elder Drake . The latter gives a bit strong damage bonus which totally obliterated MAD players.

Rogue did not ask for as much and recovered this unexpected victory which allows the team to finish on a good note. Starting the Summer Split 0-3 would have been a bit of a stain. On the other hand, Nisqy can harbor regrets. He was very close to passing a masterclass for his return to the LEC. His return is nevertheless very satisfying and we are delighted to find him in the European elite.

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