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LoL: A new record for Fnatic Hyllisang in the LEC!

LoL: A new record for Fnatic Hyllisang in the LEC!

Zdravets "Hylissang" Iliev Galabov is a brave among the brave in the League of Legends scene. At 27, the Support is a veteran and he has had time to leave his mark on the LEC during his long career. Last weekend, he again broke a new record!

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Who is the best support in history in Europe on League of Legends? As always, there is bound to be debate and several names naturally emerge. In France, we would like to highlight grandpa YellOwStaR who made the heyday of Fnatic . Some will also be tempted to highlight Mykix , which has a very good track record in the European elite with G2 Esports. But on our side, we have a penchant for another support, which advocates the beautiful game and which has a very endearing personality: Hyllisang .

The latter has only played for two teams during his long career: Unicorns of Love (for almost 4 years) and Fnatic (4 and a half years). We will remember this player for his longevity and loyalty, but also for his many records! He added one in his bag during the 2nd week of the Summer Split.

Hyllisang, a maximum of assistance

By nature, the support role is a utility role. Hyllisang is therefore not supposed to farm or take kills. On the other hand, if he does his job well, he must collect as many assists as possible. Even if he occasionally KS his ADC, he knows how to stay in his place and during his career, he has now collected 4,000 assists in the LEC ! It is the first to reach this mark, as it was the first to reach the 2500 assist mark (August 2019). In a little over 2 and a half years, he has therefore collected more than 1,500 additional assists. For the record, it is the jungler of MAD Lions, Elyoya, who was this 4000th victim.

What is strong with Hyllisang is that despite the weight of the years, he is still on top. Faithful to the position at Fnatic, he continues to play the leading roles in the European elite. No question of playing for an average team, he wants to lift the trophy. Even if his last title is starting to go up (Summer 2018), he has played the last 4 Worlds and intends to continue his series this year. At the contractual level, he is still linked to Fnatic until the end of 2023 ... He could therefore tackle a new objective: to reach 5,000 assists in the LEC!

A track record and distinctions that weigh

League of Legends

Hyllisang can boast of having received numerous distinctions during his career. Even if League of Legends remains a collective game that is won by 5 players, receiving individual honors is always a great pleasure. He has notably been part of the Pro-Team 3 times (Spring 2018, Summer 2018 and Spring 2022). He was never voted MVP, although it didn't go far in the last segment, but he earned the nickname " The Professor " during his career. This refers to his look, but also to his ability to innovate and create game.

In terms of awards, he won the European champion title twice with Fnatic (Spring and Summer 2018). His ratio in the grand final is however rather poor, since he finished 6 times on the 2nd step of the podium... Internationally, he was vice-world champion in 2018 and he won the IEM Oakland with Unicorns of Love.

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