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LoL: Small change of destination for Worlds 2022

LoL: Small change of destination for Worlds 2022

Prevention is better than cure. While the global pandemic is not yet completely resolved and there are still cases that are wandering everywhere, Riot Games has decided to take precautions. League of Legends Worlds are changing their destinations a bit.

LoL: Small change of destination for Worlds 2022

Photo: Riot Games

League of Legends Worlds are always the high point of the competitive season. Where the MSI is still struggling to convince teams, players and the public, the world has nothing to worry about. Everyone wants to take part in this great party and its cast is always a dream. In Europe, we are still waiting with hope for a winner, since the original crowning of Fnatic in season 1. It did not go far in 2018 and 2019 (finals), but China and South Korea still seem to be a notch behind. -above.

Traditionally, the various competitive regions rotate the role of host. In 2021 , Europe had inherited the tournament, under rather special conditions. Because of Covid-19, the Worlds had been rescheduled in Iceland (without an audience), when originally the teams should have gone to China. In 2022, it is America 's turn to receive this honor. Originally, several countries were to host the competition depending on the stages. But to avoid the risks, there was a change in the program.

Canada disappears from the list

The basic plan was as follows: the qualifying stages in Mexico (Mexico City), the groups and quarter-finals in the USA (New York), the semi-finals in Canada (Toronto) and the grand final in the USA (San Francis). 4 cities and 3 countries were honored and shared the role of host, a good way to give a little happiness to everyone while collecting a maximum of aid and sponsors.

But the regulations of the United States are still a little harsh at the moment vis-à-vis the coronavirus. It disrupts the process of obtaining multiple entry visas. To avoid travel, the semi-finals have been moved. They will not take place in Toronto, but in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta (Hawks hall). We will therefore remain on American soil from the groups to the grand final. Only the Play-In will be played in a different country.

Canada continues to be sidelined

We tend to forget it, but the NA region, the LCS , is not limited only to the United States. Canada is also part of the scene, but it is true that its big neighbor takes up a lot of space. However, in the region there are currently a lot of Canadian talents: Poome (CLG), Biofrost (Dignitas), jojopyun (EG) or even Licorice (Golden Guardians).

North America has hosted the world championships several times: 2012, 2013, 2016. Many cities have received this honor for hosting at least one stage: Los Angeles, Culver City, San Francisco, Chicago But Canada has always been keen to the gap. Riot Games originally intended to fix this anomaly. But we will still have to wait after this change of plan. While the Worlds regularly change region, it will be necessary to wait for a new rotation (at least 2 or 3 years) so that Canada can claim a new chance.

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