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LoL: did the mini patch change anything in soloQ?

LoL: did the mini patch change anything in soloQ?

Last week Riot Games released patch 12.12b for League of Legends. The goal was to correct some problems of 12.12, without necessarily applying big changes. What was its impact on soloQ? Answer in this article.

LoL: did the mini patch change anything in soloQ?

Last week we released an article on the best champions to earn LP on patch 12.12. However, right after, Riot Games released a hotfix, the purpose of which was not to revolutionize the meta , but to correct certain things. Today we are going to see what has changed since this patch. The statistics we are going to use are those of the platinum + ranks (to avoid champions who have a big winrate at low ELO because of the rather average macro) on the EU West server (the stats can vary a little depending on the region, even if they remain quite close).

What does not move

Some champions always stay on top of the meta. Volibear is still the highest winrate champion , with a nice 54.90% win rate. Janna is still in second position (53.5%) while Taric has finally overtaken Renata (53.13% against 52.81%). If the ranking has therefore been slightly modified at this level, we cannot say that there have been any big changes, these four champions were already very strong last week.

Trundle, Garen, and Neeko also remain good picks , even if the third's winrate still dropped by almost 1%. It is impossible to say if this is due to the mini patch, or if following its excellent results, more and more players started to choose it, lowering its winrate a little compared to those who were really used to it. to play it. Miss Fortune is also still the best botlane ADC in the game , even if new champions who share the same archetype (shooter) perform better than her on other lanes.

League of Legends


The toplane sees the return of a lane bully, which takes great advantage of the meta tank to cause many problems for them. This is Quinn, whose winrate is approaching 53%. This does not mean that the tanks are necessarily destroyed, as evidenced by the winrates of Shen and Tahm Kench on this lane, also close to 53% , even if a tenth of a percent below that of Quinn.

In the jungle, Bel Veth is losing more and more of its luster, but Rek Sai stands out quite a bit. Her most effective build is her full damage build, although she can switch to more tank-oriented items if her early is difficult. Sejuani and Nunu also exceed 52% winrate , while Wukong's is sinking more and more, even if it remains above 50%.

League of Legends

The biggest changes have taken place on the midlane. Heimerdinger, Akshan and Vel'Koz are doing well, and are all around 52.5% in winrate. There is also a big resurgence in popularity for Swain mid, probably due to his exploits on the botlane whether in "ADC" (with a Senna support) or in support. It's hard to say what explains this boost in power, since neither they nor their core items were affected by the minipatch . We will have to watch to see if it is a fashion effect, or if we have been sleeping on hidden OPs for a few patches.

There aren't really any changes to the ADCs. If you are not interested in Miss Fortune, Twitch and Jhin are currently the best options available to you, even if their winrate remains below 52%. Support level, in addition to the three monsters mentioned at the beginning of the article, and the other champions mentioned who can play this role, it is interesting to note that Bard is also winning more and more games . Otherwise Senna is still quite strong (52.17%), while Soraka makes a few appearances (51.91%) from Yuumi's nerf.

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