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LoL: The only champion who has not appeared in the competitive circuit this season

LoL: The only champion who has not appeared in the competitive circuit this season

Only one champion among all those available in League of Legends has yet to appear in the competitive circuit this season. It's about Katarina, a character much appreciated by the community but who has serious problems.

When we talk about the worst League of Legends champions in the competitive scene, we tend to focus on a few of the characters that don't tend to get the attention of the pros. Characters that are too simple, with too few mobility tools, or too individualistic. It's easy to imagine that the best teams in the world won't choose Garen, Shaco or similar champions . However, the current season has given us a big surprise when it comes to the champion who, after thousands of matches, has not made a single appearance on the competitive scene.

A historic champion for the pros

Katarina is the only character in League of Legends who has not been drafted or banned from the competitive circuit . An absolute zero in terms of presence, unheard of in recent years. It's true that she was never the pros' favorite character — however, she had one quirk that gave her some moments in the limelight. For many years, she was the favorite champion of many mid laners and, therefore, also of players playing in the major leagues. One can in particular think of ShowMaker , world champion in 2020 with DWG KIA.

League of Legends

The problem is that once we reach the highest levels of the game, the champion seems to stop working. Her history in the competitive scene shows that she has been selected in only 73 games since the start of Season 4 , racking up a 38.4% win rate. Even in her best moments, she was unable to deliver a great performance and even according to ShowMaker. The 2020 world champion claimed the character was too bad during his lane phase and didn't add anything to a team, relying solely on the mistakes of his opponents.

As if that weren't enough, the character was in such a state of form that it was difficult to make him work even in ranked. Luckily, the champion just received an update in Patch 12.12b. With these changes, Riot Games tried to increase his damage a bit. It's not something that will get him selected on the competitive scene, but it will help the League of Legends players who love him. Katarina is still selected in 8.1% of ranked games and remains one of the characters with the most "mains" relative to her overall popularity.













As for the other less popular characters in the competitive scene, there are two who have not yet been selected, but who have received bans on at least one occasion . Quinn has always been a pick to counter characters like Renekton. Although she was never very popular among the pros, she is still a surprise pick that can work in some situations. Illaoi's situation is much easier to explain. The truth is, the Kraken Priestess never really shone. Last season, the champion lost the 4 games in which she had been chosen.

It should be noted that this ranking includes all professional leagues in League of Legends. If only the major leagues were taken into account, there would still be several dozen characters who have not yet been selected . The season is still far from over and who knows what paths the pro scene will take in the next patches.

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