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LoL: Do apps give out too much in-game information?

LoL: Do apps give out too much in-game information?

Applications around League of Legends are more and more numerous, however, some players feel that they give too much information. Two in particular, which indicate the cooldowns of summoner spells in play, are at the center of a new controversy.

League of Legends is one of the most popular games, and Riot Games is one of the companies that gives the community the most freedom to create their own apps. This cocktail has allowed players to benefit from excellent platforms for discovering statistics or learning about the game. However, these freedoms can also give rise to occasional controversies when it comes to integrating the operation of apps into the game . A situation that has repeated itself after the introduction of one of the latest innovations in some of the most used tools.

An application that divides the community

The controversy in question is related to the possibility offered by both Porofessor and U.GG. These two applications have developed an infographic that overlays the game screen and is able to show the cooldown of opponent's summoner spells . So when the user activates the warning that their opponent has used Flash, Ignite or any other "summoner spell", it marks the time remaining before it is available again. Without the application, this count can only be done manually, since Riot Games does not offer this possibility naturally in League of Legends.

League of Legends

Some players have viewed this help as an excess from the app's developers, although Riot Games has not taken a stand against it so far. In fact, the developer has already enabled similar functions with Jungle Camps, and as long as players need to activate the countdown, that's usually not a problem. However, there is an additional function in the case of Porofessor, which allows us to synchronize with other users of the application on our computer so that their alerts also trigger the countdown on our screen .

Community opinion on these apps is very mixed, as summoner spells have a variable cooldown that not all players are aware of and part of the learning curve. You probably know Flash has a five minute cooldown and Heal takes three and a half minutes to come back, but you might not have a clue how much it's reduced when an enemy is equipped with Ionian Boots. lucidity, cosmic knowledge, or both at the same time.

The Cosmic Knowledge rune grants summoner spell haste - League of Legends
The Cosmic Knowledge rune grants summoner spell haste

This isn't the first time a community-created app has stepped into controversial territory. In the past, a user created a tool that calculated with great precision whether or not our skill combo would be enough to kill the opponent . It is true that he also used information displayed on the screen, but since he performed mathematical calculations much faster than any human being, he had to be banned. The current case isn't all that far-fetched, although it could have a very similar outcome if the League of Legends devs deem it.

In any case, all players who use it should know that they are not breaking any Riot Games rules and will not be punished for it.


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