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LoL: The streamer Ninja recruits Doublelift in his team!

LoL: The streamer Ninja recruits Doublelift in his team!

Ninja and MrBeast had promised very heavy for their showmatch League of Legends (Ultimate Crown). They have started to reveal their respective line-up and the Fortnite star can count on a reinforcement of choice... Doublelift, multiple LCS champion has joined his squad.

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On July 9, there will be a small event that promises to be particularly entertaining. Not everyone is a fan of the showmatch concept, in particular because the competitive dimension is very limited or even non-existent. But for once, the show should be there. The setting is special: it is integrated into the Ultimate Crown show (Prime Video) which takes place live from Las Vegas, the city of all excesses. The cast is also XXL, given that both team captains are heavyweights from Twitch and YouTube. They don't belong to the League of Legends universe, but their fame transcends borders. They are Ninja and MrBeast . With them, we are sure to have spectacle and excess.

To accompany them, they promised to build on their side a team of Avengers. The first members were announced and Ninja got their hands on a true champion. Doublelift is in place and its arrival explodes the average level of the event. To balance all this, we can expect at least one other very high level player.

Doublelift, a gaming legend

Doublelift is to date the best American ADC in history. For some, he's even the best player in LCS history. It must be said that he won the title of champion 8 times. His performance is all the more remarkable, as he has won everywhere he has gone. Whether with CLG, TSM or Team Liquid, he has always been on top. Selected 5 times to participate in the LCS All Star, he has also played in many international tournaments (Worlds, MSI) with varying degrees of success. Now retired, he continues to play at a very high level in the Champions Queue.

Doublelift also fits perfectly into this showmatch , as he's known as much for his level of play as he is for his showmanship. During his career, he was thus noticed by his punchlines in interviews. He knows how to play with the crowd and his opponents to spark and ignite an evening. We expect to see him trash-talk his opponents, in defeat as in victory.

MrBeast recruited a platinum-rated streamer

MrBeast has recruited egg (also known as emiru). She is a streamer who regularly plays League of Legends. Massively followed, she has more than a million followers on Twitch and has already recorded 14,736,890 views on YouTube since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, in soloQ it is currently ranked Platinum 4... Without offending it, it does not seem able to compete with Doublelift. We hope the famous YouTuber has other strings to his bow to rival Ninja's building army.

Even if it's still a showmatch and the $150,000 at stake doesn't scare the two team captains, we'd like to see a balanced match.

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