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LoL: Who are the most banned champions in the game?

LoL: Who are the most banned champions in the game?

A question was asked on a social network: do you ban a particular champion, or do you adapt according to your previous experiences? The response was unequivocal, and ultimately not very surprising. To analyse.

LoL: Who are the most banned champions in the game?

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Players all have good reasons for banning a specific champion. Most of the time it's just a match up that they are not comfortable with , or that they feel is a counter pick (although that's not always the case according to the stats) . Many adapt according to the lane they play , and change their ban depending on it. Some ban the most OP characters of the moment , based on the statistics they can find on the net. Others prefer to ban the one who pissed them off the most during their previous game. On the other hand, a significant part of them claims to banish a specific character, whatever the situation. Here are the echoes heard on the fifty people who answered this question.

Champions hated by respondents

Unsurprisingly, Yasuo and Yone are among the names that come up the most frequently. Yuumi has also been mentioned several times but most often by people playing botlane. Pyke also seems to suffer the wrath of the players, who do not appreciate being against him. Finally, Morgana's cage is frustrating enough for several respondents to mention it as well.

Among the champions whose presence in such a poll will hardly surprise, but who have only been mentioned once or twice, we can find Shaco, Kayn, Senna, Lee Sin, and Master Yi. A Rioter also took to the game, and declared that he systematically bans Twitch , without specifying which lane he usually plays on (even if we can make assumptions given the rather specific ban... or so, c is a streamhack troll).

League of Legends

What do the stats say?

At the moment (patch 12.12), the most banned champion in all Riotian leagues (i.e. all servers except Chinese and Garena owned ones which are not owned by Riot Games) combined is Bel'Veth . Again, this isn't surprising given how powerful the Void Empress is today, and it pretty much matches the number of players saying they get their ban based more on a tierlist than emotion. On the other hand, the second most banned champion is Zed , which is quite surprising. Not only is the champion not particularly strong at the moment (48% Winrate), but he was also not particularly mentioned among the small sample of players questioned.

Unsurprisingly, if we go down a little in the ranking, we find Yasuo (3rd), Darius (4th) and Morgana (5th). Samira is the sixth most banned champion, which is also quite unexpected. However, its ability to destroy entire teams if it manages to take the advantage in the early game is no longer to be demonstrated, and its ban rate therefore seems quite logical. Blitzcrank, Senna, Master Yi and Yuumi complete the top 10. Among the often hated and/or currently farted champions who are not in the top 10, but who are found in good position, are Irelia (11th), Yone (12th), Shaco (13th), Pyke (15th), Volibear (18th) and Akali (19th) .

If you want to go up in Elo with a powerful champion on this patch, know that Taric, Shen, Sejuani, Janna and Neeko are among the least banned characters in the game. However, this changes a lot at high elo, where the bans are much more based on the tierlist than on personal affinities.

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