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LoL: When a tank becomes the best ADC in the game thanks to Senna

LoL: When a tank becomes the best ADC in the game thanks to Senna

The "Fasting Senna" is back in League of Legends. This strategy is so effective that the ADC position is currently dominated by two champions who aren't even shooters, but by a tank and an enchanter.

The current League of Legends meta is one of the craziest we've seen in years. Although there is a wide variety of champions with which we can play and be effective, the ones that predominate are tanks and enchanters with healing. Despite the nerfs to this feature hated by many, healing is still very important, which enrages more than one player.

As a result, an old strategy has made a comeback in Summoner's Rift, allowing two champions, a tank and an enchanter, to be the best ADC.

The Fasting Senna returns to the charge

According to figures provided by various statistics sites, Tahm Kench and Seraphine completely dominate the bot lane. With a winrate of 56.10% and 54.84% respectively, these two champions are currently the best option to move up the ladder as ADC — but not alone. These two indecent winrates are mainly due to their support: Senna.

League of Legends
League of Legends

The redeemer has always been popular but she is making a comeback thanks to the "Fasting Senna". The principle is simple: it requires starting with a support item that will generate golds, and to be accompanied by a support that will take care of waves of minions. Senna will therefore always be paired with a champion who will have much higher income than the support opposite, while she will maintain herself at the level of the opposing carry-ad using her passive. It's not a new technique, as it was discovered in 2020 and was widely used in the same year – and was also formidable with Tahm Kench – until it was so nerfed that it disappeared. . Until now.

While strategy isn't as strong as it once was, Senna is still a fairly prominent champion in the meta, she's ubiquitous at times, but can also bow out for a while when she gets a major nerf. It remains to be seen whether Riot Games will take action against this strategy. If you want to avoid it at all costs, you know which character you have to banish during champion select...

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