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LoL: Faker's heroic move that saved his team

LoL: Faker's heroic move that saved his team

During an LCK match, Faker came to the rescue of his team showing the world that he was still one of the greatest players on the planet. He did so with a prodigious move that secured Baron Nashor against all odds.

LoL: Faker's heroic move that saved his team

It is often said that the great players are those who have the virtue of showing themselves in great moments. A rule that applies to League of Legends and that serves, of course, to define who is still the best in history. Faker was able to put on some great performances in recent Worlds and change the history of Regional Finals. An invaluable ability to concentrate in the most difficult moments that he once again demonstrated last week in LCK. A decisive game between T1 and Gen.G — the two teams currently battling for the top spot in the regular season standings.

Faker's spectacular move that saved T1

After losing their undefeated status in the Korean league, Faker's team faced doubts for the first time this season and had to face the lone leader in the standings. A duel that did not start well since T1 lost the first match of Bo3 and, during the second game, could have deteriorated when Gen.G was on the way to securing the Nashor. However, when the going got tough, the mid laner rose to the occasion to save his team.

After Gen.G's lifebars were much diminished by Zeus and Oner, who died in the process, Faker pulled off a perfect move with Lissandra. He teleported into the Baron's Pit with his E - Glacial Path and finished off Peanut, depriving Gen.G of his Smite. He then used his W - Circle of Frost to finish off the Baron while his enemies were occupied by Zeus and Oner. This move allowed T1 to get back into the game, and win the next teamfight before destroying Gen.G's Nexus.

Calmness is one of those great virtues that allows him to stand out in times of such pressure, and the veteran experience of a League of Legends player who has seen himself in every possible situation is the one of its greatest strengths.

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