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LoL: Doublelift sanctioned for criticizing Riot and the LCS

LoL: Doublelift sanctioned for criticizing Riot and the LCS

Doublelift is a key figure in the North American League of Legends scene. His track record is impressive, but he also stood out for his speaking and his high-level trash talk. But when we criticize a little too much, we expose ourselves to sanctions.

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Last week, we had the right to a somewhat special showmatch organized between MrBeast and Ninja , two influencers who weigh heavily in the gaming universe. Organized in Las Vegas, the meeting had everything to make you dream and several other personalities gave of themselves to make the show (Emiru, Doublelift, Voyboy...).

The former ADC, 8 times LCS champion, was able to participate freely in the event since he is no longer a pro player. Since leaving TSM (end of 2020), he has been streaming and taking advantage of his notoriety to create content. On the other hand, he revealed that his former teammate at TSM, Bjergsen had been banned from showmatch. The latter is still evolving in LCS (Team Liquid) and for somewhat obscure contractual reasons, he has been put aside. Many regretted this decision and took the opportunity to criticize Riot Games. In addition to being the source of the information, Doublelift also added its two cents... Which didn't really please Riot, who decided to sanction the streamer.

The phrase that made Riot Games tilt

Doublelift was able to participate in the showmatch and he really had nothing to complain about. But it was by wanting to raise the case of Bjergsen that he got into the sauce... The latter had not asked for anything, but he found himself in spite of himself involved in this affair. Some will hail the commitment of the best ADC in LCS history, who went to the front lines for a friend of his. Others, on the other hand, will prefer to point out that he is easy to criticize and that he always meddles in other people's affairs.

In any case, the little phrase that has Riot Games twisted is the fact that the streamer talks about " LCS dying " and a " dying audience ". Basically, we can't totally prove him wrong and if we dig a little deeper into the reasoning, mixing pro league players with ultra popular influencers like Ninja and MrBeast would surely have done good for the competitive scene, by touching a new young audience, not necessarily inclined to naturally watch the LCS . But on the form, Doublelift was surely a little too hard... especially since Riot Games still regularly feeds it.

What type of penalty are we talking about?

Doublelift is an LCS affiliate streamer and can co-stream matches, just like other influencers like LS , Sneaky or Meteos . Having the rights allows him to avoid making a simple react without sound and image and offers him the possibility of making easy content and figures. But having criticized Riot Games and the North American league too openly, he spat a little in the soup. The former pro player spoke of a "second sanction", and he won't be able to co-stream matches this week. The sanction therefore does not seem particularly heavy and we imagine that soon, he will have new rights. Riot Games knows how to be realistic and does not want to permanently lose the streamer's audience.

It is not known exactly why Doublelift was sanctioned for the first time this year, but it is because it would have broadcast content with " impieties " on its networks previously. In any case, he's got a hard head and we're sure he'll quickly recover from this little punishment. We are ready to bet that he will even continue to have a well-hung tongue.

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