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LoL: A revolutionary new rule in China

LoL: A revolutionary new rule in China

League of Legends has a very established competitive scene with a very developed backbone. But a new rule could come to revolutionize everything. The latter is being tested in China and we can't wait to see the effects.

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Currently, League of Legends is surely the most popular esports game in the world. While the MOBA is living its 12th competitive season, whether we like the game or not, we are obliged to respect its longevity and its ability to renew itself. Even if the audiences in Europe seem to be down, compared to the LEC, the ERLs are increasingly followed. If we also look at the side of Asia, Chinese and Korean fans are always more fanatical.

The game works with regular patches that introduce new features and balances. Players are encouraged to adapt and evolve along with the game, resulting in an always fresh experience. The competitive format could also soon experience a real revolution with the introduction of a new rule. The latter will be tested in China . If the test is successful, we can imagine seeing this rule introduced in the rest of the world later.

The "Fearless" mode, what is it?

Today, we do not know a league that does not use the classic draft mode for its League of Legends competitions. But in the past, other modes have been tried from right to left... we remember in particular the blind draft in the decisive games of Bo in South Korea, which allowed to have a match-up mirror. It is in this context that we had the right to the duel at the top between Faker and Ryu of Zed against Zed . Today, it would be impossible to witness such a confrontation. Once a champion is selected by a team, they are no longer available for draft.

In China, the LDL will use the "Fearless" mode in the Bo3. A team will therefore only be able to play a champion once per series. For example, if in Game 1 Sejuani top is selected by team A, the latter will not be able to replay the rider in Game 2 and any Game 3. Whatever the result (victory/defeat) and that does not matter the role of the champion (top/jungle/supp). On the other hand, team B can always play Sejuani on their side. The goal of this Fearless game mode is clear: to force teams to draw on its resources and offer more diversity to spectators.

What is LDL?

League of Legends

This new format will be tested in China, within the LDL . The LDL is the development league of the LPL and it is not a main league which allows to qualify for the Worlds. With the franchise system, there is also no possibility of being promoted. Some call it an academic league, but that's a bit of a shortcut. In LDL there are indeed 17 academic LPL teams (WE Academy, AL.Young, BLG Junior...) but there are also 7 independent teams (TWELVE, Team ORANGE, Team Pinnacle...).

It's not yet clear what impact Fearless mode will have on the league's competitiveness and on the show. But if the results are convincing, we can imagine seeing Riot Games this new rule in LPL and in the rest of the other main leagues.

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