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GTA 5 Online Unveils Criminal Enterprises Update

GTA 5 Online Unveils Criminal Enterprises Update

After a few days of silence, the star-studded firm has once and for all lifted the veil on all the new features to come through the new major update for GTA Online, an update highlighting our criminal enterprises.

Rockstar Games has finally, on July 21, lifted the veil on the next major update to the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, which will appear on July 26, on all consoles. Whether you are on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, or PC, everyone will be in the same boat and will be able to enjoy the Criminal Enterprises DLC .

Criminal Enterprises, starting July 26 in GTA Online

As announced by Rockstar Games , the Criminal Enterprises update which will therefore appear shortly will bring several new features to GTA Online . According to the developers, this update will be an opportunity for players to experience new missions and improvements in GTA Online, including expanded business opportunities for criminal careers, new contact missions that will have you working as an agent under the supervision of the IAA.

New Horizons

Criminal Enterprises will allow you to perform all criminal missions, even sales missions, in private sessions (by invitation, with your crew or a session with your friends). So no more other players bothering you when you have to sell all your merchandise and there's over a million GTA$ worth of it. Go almost serenely to do your little market!

Also, anyone with a CEO office will notice a new person: Manager Lupe. This will feature new special cargo missions as well as a new source of income with a shipment of special cargo arriving in front of your warehouse every day. On the other hand, two new sources of resupply will be part of the supply missions. Something to vary the pleasures.

On the side of the bikers

In Los Santos we have a few biker gangs, and if you have a HQ with the custom shop you'll get a free upgrade that will allow the club president to modify their customers' bikes into respecting their desires and then delivering to them to earn GTA$ and RP. Also, two new HQ contracts will appear, as well as replenishment missions for... the bar!

Arms trafficking experts


A partnership is being prepared between the owners of bunkers and the giant Ammu-Nation ! Make a delivery to the designated Ammu-Nation each day to earn extra revenue. On the other hand, two new resupply missions will make their arrival in the title. Additionally, you will also be able to call Agent 14 while on the go to advance your ongoing research by stealing data from a well-armed target.

Owners of a nightclub

New missions will be available for nightclub managers . These will consist of calling on Yohan, who will therefore launch missions to recover goods for your warehouse, or Tony to do nightclub management missions.

Covert Operation Paper Trail

The rise in fuel prices is a real scourge in Los Santos, and it benefits only one company: that of the Dunggan family . However, the ULP agent is not the type to let things go and will contact you to help him through the Paper Trail operation . Playable from 1 to 4 players, you will have to investigate to find those responsible for this price increase.

New vehicles

Who says new Update necessarily says new cars, but also improvements to come! If the developers remain rather vague on the subject, the latter can be equipped as they should be to counter other players, but also to wreak real havoc in the alleys of Los Santos.

Increased Earnings and Other Improvements

Finally, we end on a nice note: the economic modification of the game. According to Rockstar Games, Criminal Enterprises will also bring economic modifications , such as a permanent increase in the earnings of races and modes adversary, as well as heists of origin and the Doomsday heist, better salaries for bodyguards, partners and members of a motorcycle club. In addition, adjustments will be made to certain vehicles such as a reduction in the effectiveness of the homing missiles of the Oppressors MkII, and also the reduction of countermeasures.

As a reminder, all these new features will be available from July 26 on all platforms.

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