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LoL: Riot Games is thinking of stopping releasing champions on League of Legends!

LoL: Riot Games is thinking of stopping releasing champions on League of Legends!

The bomb has been dropped via the most official channels: Riot Games plans to stop releasing new characters on its flagship game. If the reasons given seem consistent, there is no doubt that this announcement will leave more than one player perplexed.

LoL: Riot Games is thinking of stopping releasing champions on League of Legends!

With over 160 playable characters (not counting those appearing in other games from the same universe like Legends of Runeterra), League of Legends is sure to make new players dizzy. Taking into account the game's 13 years of existence , we arrive at an average of one new champion per month (within an Alistar). That 's 40 more characters than its older rival DotA 2 .

Looking among other franchises known for their sheer number of protagonists , Riot Games still wins hands down. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , however, composed of Nintendo's greatest heroes, and certain other characters from known licenses, has "only" 82 characters (we counted the Pokemon Trainer for 3, and Pyra/Mythra for 2). However, everything comes to an end, and the American studio has declared that the time to stop the release of new champions is approaching .

Why stop releasing new characters?

The first reason mentioned concerns beginner players . Having to memorize up to 5 abilities (including certain passives that have a big impact on the gameplay of certain champions) per character can quickly discourage a newcomer. Especially since you sometimes have to tell the difference between two spells that are similar in form , but with very different effects: Morgana sends a magic "ball" that immobilizes someone for several seconds, while Ahri sends a magic ball that makes a round trip with more damage on the way back than on the way out. While this sounds obvious to a veteran, newcomers can get confused during their first few games.

Matt “ Phroxzon ” Leung-Harrison said the studio would stop producing new characters when they felt they could no longer make intuitive champions . But it's happened before, and the developer is taking Gwen as an example. In the specific case of this champion, the difficulty was to make her spells readable . He explains that several players have complained about having trouble identifying some of his spells.

League of Legends

When will this happen?

Players can be reassured, the end of the addition of new characters is not yet scheduled . The developers believe that part of the success of League of Legends comes from the fact that the game keeps coming up with new ways to play it. This is what keeps players on it, this possibility of regularly exploring a "new" method of approaching the game . LoL will have an end, but the finish line is not yet visible on the horizon.

And then, the end of character releases would not necessarily mean the end of new features in the game . The list of champions that could benefit from a little facelift in order to get a second life is quite long, and the developers would still have a lot of avenues to explore on the old Summoner's Rift, before claiming that the game has reaches its final form. And who knows, maybe stopping the release of characters would allow the studio to focus on new game modes, in order to always vary the pleasures?

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