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LoL: Udyr's redesign disappoints Riot Games and an emergency patch arrives to save him

LoL: Udyr's redesign disappoints Riot Games and an emergency patch arrives to save him

While it was a success in terms of abilities and gameplay, the performance of the Udyr revamp was a huge disappointment for the community. Even Riot Games agrees with player complaints and is preparing an emergency patch to try to fix the situation.

Riot Games is getting back to normal with the release of the Udyr revamp. After a number of bumpy rides, the League of Legends developers wanted to get back on track with their long-term plan for balance. Very close to the characters that arrived in the game before the start of season 12, the new version of the character started with very weak performance in ranked. A good sign, but far from a great success. Perhaps for fear of repeating mistakes, those responsible for its balancing lacked rigor and the jungler barely wins between 43 and 45% of games depending on the rank.

Udyr will receive changes shortly

The League of Legends devs feel that the new Udyr falls short of expectations. While all new champions or revamps go through an adaptation process, and such a low win rate might be common, that shouldn't be the case for such a continual, easy-to-use character. In this sense, the company has set out to detect its problems and has reached a number of conclusions. However, before going into the explanations of the changes, let's find out what adjustments Riot Games is planning.



Bonus damage based on target max HP increased from 3-9% (4% per 100 bonus AD) to 3-10 (+6% per 100 bonus AD)

Bonus physical damage per hit changed from 5-25 (+10% bonus AD) to 5-45 (+20% bonus AD)


Shield size reduced from 2-5 to 2-4% of max HP

Healing on hit reduced from 1.2-1.8 to 1.2-1.5% of max HP


Movement speed increased from 30-50 to 40-65%

Time until he can stun the same enemy again reduced from 6-4.5 to 6-4 seconds

Udyr's ability scale isn't exactly the easiest to figure out in League of Legends. However, translating these changes is straightforward. Riot Games wants to increase the champion's overall power, but has found that players who max out W - Iron Cloak in second position perform too well. To that end, they removed some of the spell power on the shield to convert it into extra movement speed and a bit more damage. In this way, they hope to make the champion's different playstyles viable and a bit more efficient.

This patch should be coming to League of Legends very soon and promises to bring the new Udyr's win rate in line with Riot Games' expectations. With each redesign, the developer performs an initial calculation of the champion's win rate and his progress over the days. In this case, the reality has been much worse than the company had anticipated and they want to fix it as soon as possible. Having a champion start out too strong is bad for long-term game balance, but not providing minimal performance can erode their popularity for the rest of time.

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