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LoL: Riste, OTP Garen, 4.6 million, mastery points, NA, Challenger

LoL: Riste, OTP Garen, 4.6 million, mastery points, NA, Challenger

While League of Legends currently has 144 champions, one-trick pony (OTP) players limit themselves to just one. With no less than 4.6 million Mastery Points on Garen, a player named "Riste" has just reached the threshold of Challenger.

LoL: Riste, OTP Garen, 4.6 million, mastery points, NA, Challenger

This might well make you smile, but it's 100% real. There is a summoner by the name of 'Riste' who one-tricks Garen. The American player has piled up nearly 4.6 million mastery points on The Might of Demacia, and just hit Challenger.

Although he joined Summoner's Rift in Season 1, it was not until Season 9 that Riste managed to reach Challenger — accumulating more than 700 games on Garen in the process. Overall, he has a win rate of about 52% on his favorite champion.

For the curious little ones, Riste has a Twitch and YouTube channel, where he reveals some interesting mechanics to his viewers to help them perfect their mastery of the champion, such as the hidden mark.

By reaching Level 6, Garen designates a Villain. If Garen then uses his ultimate on him, the damage he does is monstrous. That's why Riste advises keeping hold of your skill point when you reach Level 6, until you engage in a fight. Picking up your ultimate skill at the last second will surprise your newly designated Villain, inflicting way more damage on them than they were expecting.

R - Demacian Justice


The enemy with the most kills in the last 5 minutes is marked as the Villain. The mark cannot be assigned to another champion while Garen is in combat with the Villain. If more than one enemy has the same bounty, the enemy who received it first is marked the Villain.

Garen's basic attacks and each spin of Judgment against the Villain deal 1% of their maximum health as bonus true damage on-hit.

R - Demacian Justice


Garen calls upon the might of Demacia to attempt to execute the target enemy champion, dealing them 175 / 350 / 525 (+ 28.6 / 33.3 / 40% of target's missing health) magic damage, converted to true damage when targeting the Villain.

It certainly reminds us of Annie's hidden stun, so we'll incidentally give you this trick. Annie is able to stun champions with her spells (Q, W & R) when she reaches four stacks on her passive. Each stack is gained by casting a spell, and fills a gauge just under her health bar. Your opponent can see that gauge, and most of the time they will flee as soon as you hit the fourth gauge.

To counter that behavior, you need to reach 3 stacks. Keep your Molten Shield (E) up while rushing at your opponent, then cast your Disintegrate fireball (Q). During the flight of the spell, quickly press E. Your fireball is suddenly capable of stunning.

So, either Garen or Annie — if you want to climb the ladder... you know what to do.

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