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LoL - Rift Rivals 2019 EU vs NA : Summary Day 2, debrief

LoL - Rift Rivals 2019 EU vs NA : Summary Day 2, debrief

The days follow one another and are not the same. After a real underpants-down on the first day, NA finally woke up last night and manage to snatch 3 victories against Europe.

LoL - Rift Rivals 2019 EU vs NA : Summary Day 2, debrief

After being taught how to play the first day NA finally emerged from their torpor and rose as winners of the evening with 3 wins for 2 losses. We were rather confident on the EU side with the ogre G2 Esports in the opening against Team Liquid. But here it is, when G2 trolls, G2 trolls, and not just halfway. So if you want to have fun, you might as well choose a random champion... and that's how you end up with a Shyvana on Wunder against a Sejuani for Impact at the top.

So here we are. Europe loses the first game, and American fans are gloating. That's sportsmanship.

It's Origen's turn to get back on track and turn the tide against Cloud9. Mithy needs to shine with his Tahm Kench.

We're going to be completely impartial, but Origen just blew up Cloud9 in 25 minutes. There you go. Even though Origen allowed himself to troll during the game.

Following with the third game, it's G2 Esports' turn to clean up the affront of the first game, this defeat against Team Liquid, by quickly getting rid of TSM. And this time, Jankos picks Pyke, which means that all the members of G2 have played the champion in an official match (even the EU mascot, the well-named Carlos R - Ocelote). Mykix takes a little pleasure and goes to Bard... and he will deliver a beautiful performance.Eventually, the samurai wins and G2 absolutely wants to highlight the talent of its support:

Well, the last two games didn't go very well for the old continent. Team Liquid is still getting trolled during the draft, this time by Origen. 

It doesn't make the Americans laugh and they win for the second time in the evening. Lesson learned. We were expecting a lot from the Fnatic for the last game of the evening against TSM. And unfortunately, it didn't go well, not well at all. Dan was destroyed, as were Rekkles and Hylissang. In short, NA victories sorely lie on the weakness of EU. The evening ended with a score of 3 to 2 for NA. The final score is still 6 to 3 for Europe.

Just after, we continue with the end of the 2v2 tournament to determine the best bot lane in the West. The grand finale saw the G2 bot lane battle it out against the TSM bot lane. Who won it? We let you discover the result:

Sadly this victory won't give enough energy for NA to tackle the ultimate victory.

Final score: 3-2.

EU won again.

This is a sad day for NA.

Team Liquid suits up and announces its partnership with Marvel!

That's quite a surprise, even though Doublelift has always embodied Captain America in our hearts. The dream became tue, as Team Liquid took advantage of the 2019 Rift Rivals to announce their partnership with Marvel.

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