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13 years of LoL: These ugly skins that have been in the game since its debut

13 years of LoL: These ugly skins that have been in the game since its debut

In 13 years, League of Legends has evolved a lot and Riot Games has been keen to update many aspects of the game. However, there are still small graphical nuggets that have never been changed and which, in 2022, sting the eyes a little.

In 13 years of life, League of Legends has changed a lot. New champions, skins or modes, preseason loaded with changes or even a difficult farewell to the Twisted Treeline, the MOBA of Riot Games is in perpetual evolution. But with more than a decade on the clock, it's hard to keep everything up to date and, since its release, League of Legends still includes elements that haven't budged a bit. We're talking about some skins here that, if already horrible when they were released in the early years of the game, are even more so today.

Amumu of Vancouver

League of Legends

No snow, no ice, no gloves, no warm clothes — yet another skin that could be a chroma. One leg red, the other brown, and blue arms — that's all Amumu from Vancouver has to offer. Worse yet, aside from the little animation of his Z, there's definitely nothing reminiscent of the Winter Games in this skin . However, remember that this skin was released to celebrate the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010!

Teemo the happy elf

League of Legends

You'll probably think, it's not that bad. I will answer you that yes, it is. Look at that deformed face (probably adequate treatment for the most hated Yordle in the Rift, the Summoner).

Happy Elf Teemo was released for the holiday season in December 2009 (at the same time as Pathfinder Teemo, which is much cuter). And if that's the face of a Christmas elf, I want to become otp Teemo mid.

rusty blitzcrank

League of Legends

It is undoubtedly the epitome of laziness. After all, Rusty Blitzcrank is simply a darkening filter over the original skin — and its price (520 RP) is already way too high for such quality. Released in November 2009, this skin of course delights those nostalgic for the first years of League of Legends – but let's recognize that it is out of step with all the appearances of the champion.

Clover Malphite

League of Legends
League of Legends

Difficult to miss the big stone, as his latest skins have managed to embellish his appearance, without changing his identity. In comparison, Malphite aux Clovers pales in comparison - since it looks like it is a simple green coloring added to a clover decal,

As often with the first skin splasharts, the details are minimalist. Right next to it, we put Coral Malphite, his second skin. Certainly, it is old, but we can see the efforts. A real background or even aquatic details that make the very first rock skin look like a simple green chroma.

Twisted Fate PAX (and Twisted Fate the Magnificent)

League of Legends
League of Legends

Twisted Fate PAX is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends. This skin was distributed during PAX 2009, an event that took place in the United States. It is no longer available and cannot be obtained with Mystery Gifts. Let's be honest, he's not totally catastrophic but the visual has clearly aged badly (especially his face).

It's a bit the same case for Twisted Fate the Magnificent... which no longer has anything magnificent. A little facelift would do him the greatest good.

Nightmare Cho'Gath

League of Legends

Never has a skin borne its name so well . As with the others, this is the Black Terror's first appearance, and when seen now, it really does look like a plain chroma (ugly at that). No background, no details, just an absolutely ugly Cho'Gath that you won't want to come across in your worst nightmare.

One wonders what was the inspiration for the developers for this skin so much it seems to lack - even more so when compared to his second skin released in 2010, Cho'Gath Gentleman. Admittedly, it took a little bit of old, but at least there was a real idea behind the cosmetic, a background and details that make it a skin that we could still qualify as successful . Imagine if Riot Games did it again in 2022, more than one Summoner would want to get it!

In truth, the list could be longer considering just the first three years of the game, but there's no denying that Riot Games is putting a lot of effort into updating past champions and their visuals . We can think of the recent overhaul of Udyr, that of Dr. Mundo or even that of Fiddlesticks. With so many champions (but especially skins), difficult to align everything with current standards. The studio needs time, but we can be sure that regular updates, whether visual only or more complete, are to be expected on a regular basis in the years to come.

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