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LoL: We finally have news about Zeri's redesign... and it's not very good

LoL: We finally have news about Zeri's redesign... and it's not very good

While League of Legends devs are already working on an update to fix Zeri's issues, there's still no fix in sight for what was Season 12's most controversial champion. explained by a Riot Games employee.

LoL: We finally have news about Zeri's redesign... and it's not very good

League of Legends Season 12 was particularly quiet. There have been virtually no complaints from the community regarding the game's state of balance since the introduction of patch 12.10. An unprecedented calm in the history of Riot Games' gaming, which was only interrupted by the distress of Yuumi and, above all, the exit of Zeri. The champion will go down in history as the company's biggest failure in terms of balancing and a drastic decision was even made to intentionally make her the worst character in the game so that she would appear in games as little as possible.

Riot Games employee talks about Zeri's situation

Of course, this solution is only temporary. However, it's taking a lot longer than the community would like, and it doesn't look like it'll be updated anytime soon. Since her nerf in patch 12.16, she has remained at around 43% win rate and a Riot Games employee expressed that there is still no fix in sight : "Zeri is not in a good shape . situation, I say this without reservation. We don't want to keep it at this win rate, but we have to be very careful," explained Riot Truexy.

"We have to respect the people who want to play Zeri, she's a unique champion in the game and we have to keep her as faithful as possible (to her original version). There has to be a point where she's competitive with the rest of the League of Legends champions while doing well in professional play. It's very difficult, but it's our job. I can assure you that we're trying right now. We'll still make sure everything is ready before we start. show players anything," the Riot Games employee continued.

On the one hand, it's comforting to know that Riot Games has already gotten to work on its Zeri redesign project. On the other hand, it's really a shame that things are moving so slowly. The developers don't usually cut corners on details or dates when releases are close, so barring a big surprise, we won't see any major ADC changes until next season . Also, it looks like these will be some pretty big adjustments that might not appeal to all League of Legends players.

LoL: Riot Games postpones the most anticipated rework

Riot Games has officially confirmed the postponement of the redesign of Aurelion Sol, which will not arrive until the beginning of season 13 and will not give any news by the end of 2022. a decision assumed by the studio which wants a spectacular rendering for the Starsmith.

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