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LoL: The bug that has existed for more than five years and that Riot Games still can't fix

LoL: The bug that has existed for more than five years and that Riot Games still can't fix

League of Legends players are a little annoyed with Riot Games because of the bugs. Without being a game that includes many, there are a few that have been present in the title for too long and that the developers themselves do not seem to be able to correct.

League of Legends Season 12 is coming to an end. A year of play that will be remembered as a particularly quiet year. There have been some controversies between the devs and the community over the quality of the skins or the need for widespread damage reduction. However, Riot Games responded in a surprising way with gameplay changes and details like the latest skins that allay concerns about cosmetics. However, bugs have been the most criticized issue by players over the past few months.

A bug present in League of Legends for five years

After several Worlds 2022 matches were affected by various bugs or Riot Games had to make the decision to deactivate a champion during the competition, the community has once again pointed out a particularly annoying bug. This is a bug affecting Zac that has been present in the game since May 3, 2017. It was on this date that the character received his rework, which changed his Q to the current ability. The problem is that the spell doesn't work exactly as its description says, and the League of Legends devs never fixed the problem.

Q spell

Cooldown: 15-9 seconds

Current HP Cost: 8%

Zac's arm stretches out and grabs the first enemy he hits, dealing magic damage and slowing them down.

Zac's next basic attack is replaced by a slap whose range is increased by 25 which repeats the initial magic damage and slow. If Zac grabs a different enemy with each attack, he knocks them towards each other, dealing the same amount of damage and applying the same slow.

One of the things about this ability is that it works even if the secondary target isn't something "living". Let's explain: you can hit an enemy champion with the ability's first cast and a vision beacon with the next basic attack. An interesting mechanism that is a true marvel of design . Following the same example, it is possible to hit an enemy and then a ward that has only one hit point remaining by applying the full effect of the ability, as the ward's "death" will only occur when the full effect of the ability will have been applied.

The problem is that while this decision is very smart, not all elements of the game work as they should. The spell's description says it can hit anything. However, it does not work with many player-generated units (Illaoi Tentacles or Gangplank Barrels) or Divination's Alteration. A very annoying situation which, after five years, could well be corrected, although it is more likely that after failing to launch, the developers of League of Legends simply forgot about this interaction.

Here's how Zac's Q works - League of Legends
Here's how Zac's Q works

In addition, the character has another major bug since June 4, 2019. In this case, in patch 9.11, the decision was made to reverse the champion's ultimate, moving the version of the ultimate he had received in the rework to the list of removed abilities. Since then, R's fourth jump can no longer deal damage to opponents . It's not something that happens all the time, but it happens regularly enough that Zac players have noticed it for a long time. Again, after three years, Riot Games has not fixed the situation.

The good thing about these bugs being made public is that they reached the ears of the League of Legends developers. Riot GalaxySmash responded to the community in a sober way by assuring that he would "take a look" at the situation. Normally, when Riot Games really notices these kinds of bugs, they tend to fix them quickly. Especially if they're as disruptive as this one. It's true that some things have gone under the radar lately, but that's far from the norm.

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