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LoL: The future rework of Rell has leaked!

LoL: The future rework of Rell has leaked!

Riot Games has been working for months on updating the skill set of Rell, one of League of Legends' less popular recent champions. Today, the work appears to be nearly complete and details of his new abilities have been leaked.

Rell has been Riot Games' biggest failure when it comes to new League of Legends champions. Although she is an interesting and effective character in game, almost no player wants to use her. She is currently the sixth least community-chosen hero in ranked matches . A situation that goes against the main objective of the developers with each new patch. The studio has already explained that each patch must be popular so that it fulfills its objective of refreshing the game and bringing a little more variety to the games.

Rell's redesign is almost ready

Things got to a point where, just a year after joining League of Legends, Rell was at the top of Riot Games' list of redesigns . A major update will come in the form of what the company defines as "medium-range" redesigns, but which could include a lot more changes than originally anticipated. At least that's the impression one got after the champion's possible new abilities were leaked to the community via a now-deleted tweet.

One of Riot Games' goals is to increase the differences between Rell and Leona - League of Legends
One of Riot Games' goals is to increase the differences between Rell and Leona

Riot Games would go with a similar formula to what they followed with Tahm Kench, turning one of the champion's main abilities into her new ultimate and creating a slightly less powerful version of the ultimate to turn into a spell. basic. In this case, his R (Magnetic Storm) would become the new "E", while his current Z (Ferromancy) would become the ultimate. Here are all the leaked details about his potential new kit (ability names are subject to change):

  • Passive: No big changes. Steals a percentage of armor and magic resistance and deals bonus damage based on resistances stolen.
  • Q: Rell's Q has hardly changed. It is an ability that breaks shields and deals magic damage. But instead of healing her and her allies, this ability now slows opponents, adding a bit more crowd control to her kit.
  • W: Completely new. Rell will no longer bind to his allies. Instead, she becomes unstoppable and gains movement speed when moving towards her teammates. After this time, it grants a shield to the nearest ally.
  • E: Similar to current R. When you use this ability, enemies within the spell's area of effect are pulled towards Rell and remain pulled for the next few seconds. After this amount of time, the magnetic storm relaxes, stunning all enemies who have been in the area for at least a second and dealing damage to them.
  • R: Similar to current W. If she's on her steed, Rell knocks enemies down and deals damage to them as she dismounts, losing movement speed and gaining resistances as she goes. Otherwise, she climbs on her mount dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air. She gains movement speed by doing this, but loses her resistances.
Rell's ultimate will become one of his main abilities - League of Legends
Rell's ultimate will become one of his main abilities

The truth is that, if confirmed, these changes are extremely interesting and would meet all the objectives of the company . This would certainly increase the champion's popularity, making her unique among the large number of characters available in League of Legends. Moreover, the kit rather wowed the community, leaving even the character's biggest fans satisfied. Sure, it might still get some tweaks before release, since it's leaked, but we certainly don't expect any major tweaks before release.

As for when the new Rell could arrive in game, we could bet on the first patch of the preseason. However, it is not certain that Riot Games has fully completed this large-scale project. Now we just have to wait for an official statement from the studio.

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