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LoL: Neeko disabled due to tower bug!

LoL: Neeko disabled due to tower bug!

On League of Legends, Neeko can take on the appearance of any champion, but not only. Riot Games had to urgently deactivate the chameleon champion, following a more than problematic bug.

LoL: Neeko disabled due to tower bug!

In a very situational way, League of Legends like other games, sees bugs appearing that several users exploit in their favor , going so far as to ruin the gaming experience of other players. Riot Games had to make a drastic decision after the events of the last few days on Summoner's Rift, because of one of them.

The latter concerned Neeko, and very quickly began to be exploited by many players. Riot Games has therefore deactivated the champion, the time to solve this problem.

How does the Neeko bug work?

Neeko stands near the enemy tower with another friendly character. While the ally is tanking the hits, she transforms into a giant turret, and with a few hits, she's destroyed the building before the minions even got to the lane. In the video extract above, it is shown that the operation could have been repeated to go to the opposing inhibitor.

Also, if an opponent comes within range of this Neeko Tower, they automatically die . Even though visually the game seems to show that the players were executed, the gold was coming into Neeko's pockets (her score can be seen in the video). Which means that after less than two minutes of play, she had the golds of two rounds and three kills, which represents a colossal advantage.

Of course, we strongly advise against trying to use this bug in-game for several reasons, the first being courtesy and fair play to your opponents. Then anyway, if Riot catches you doing it repeatedly, they are entitled to ban your account for violating the terms of service and the code of the summoner.

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