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LoL: Riot clarifies the future of visual overhauls and angers the community

LoL: Riot clarifies the future of visual overhauls and angers the community

In content released exclusively in China, the developers explained how they choose which Legue of Legends champions receive significant visual overhauls. A clarification that was not appreciated by many players who saw their favorite champion being dismissed.

LoL: Riot clarifies the future of visual overhauls and angers the community

In a community as large as League of Legends, it's impossible for all players to be happy with Riot Games' decisions. However, few will be as controversial as the latest, which the studio confirmed in a video answering questions from the Chinese community. In it, the game's senior officials clarified what the company's criteria were for deciding which characters received an ASU (Art and Sustainability Update), commonly known as a "visual retouch or overhaul."

Riot excludes the least popular champions from the game

Among the criteria for making visual adjustments to champions, the League of Legends developers mentioned two very important points. The first was accepted as normal by players. Riot Games wants champions that get major visual updates to be ones that don't have major gameplay issues , because there's no point updating the appearance of a champion that still needs changes. skill majors. In the event that a character looks very outdated and requires changes in its gameplay, the right decision is a complete overhaul.

Less popular champions will not receive visual tweaks - League of Legends
Less popular champions will not receive visual tweaks

The second criterion is one that has angered many players, as it is mentioned that major visual updates will prioritize the most beloved champions. This is what the company demonstrated with its first two projects (Caitlyn and Ahri). However, much of the community expected them to focus only on the characters that objectively need them the most and not their popularity . There are champions like Amumu or Zilean that still hold their own in terms of gameplay, but they look too old and have almost no hope of receiving major changes.

It all depends on how Riot Games determines which characters are popular enough to get a visual overhaul, but it doesn't look promising. In a game released thirteen years ago that received 80% of its champions (we calculated) by the start of 2016, the need for updates is growing. Fortunately, there is good news: the League of Legends developers have also confirmed that the rate of UAS will increase over the next few years. For now, Ahri's visual overhaul is confirmed for early next year, and when the Season 13 presentation takes place, we'll know what the next plans are.


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