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LoL: The region of Runeterra which has not received a new champion for 5 years!

LoL: The region of Runeterra which has not received a new champion for 5 years!

There's a very well-known region in the League of Legends universe that hasn't had new champions in 5 years. What could be the reason for such a lack of interest on the part of the publisher?

LoL: The region of Runeterra which has not received a new champion for 5 years!

If you ask a current League of Legends player which regions they have heard of the most , there is a fair chance that the person will answer with Zaun, Piltover (because Arcane), Ionia and Noxus or even Demacia, the Obscure Isles and Shurima . If we asked the same question to a player from 2010 , the answer would then probably be Demacia, Noxus and Frejlord (RIP the Void, Ixtal, Bilgewater and Targon we don't forget you). If Demacia and Noxus have continued to see their lore develop in the popular mind, it must be recognized that Frejlord is quite behind.

No champion since 2017

The last Freljlordian champion released was Ornn , who arrived in League of Legends on August 23, 2017. Since then 24 champions have been released, but none have come from this region. This can also be seen in the lore and the different events , whether on League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra or other titles (like Ruined King). It seems that Riot Games is struggling to find the inspiration to come up with something that would allow the region to renew itself. Inspired mainly by the European peoples of the North (with a shamanic side), there would however be enough to draw from a lot of folklore that could inspire champions from this region.

Even at the level of the representation of archetypes, Frejlord suffers . With only one ADC (Ashe), one support (Braum), two and a half mages (Anivia, Lissandra and Gragas full AP for the half) and no assassins , the area still seems limited to tanks/bruisers. Today there are 14 champions from this region , only 3 of which are not very resistant champions . The sources of inspiration for Frejlord therefore seem quite limited.

An unattractive region?

In terms of LoL lore, however, there are things to tell about Frejlord . In addition to the political intrigue around Ashe and Sejuani who are each trying to unify the different tribes, it would also be possible to put Lissandra and the Sublimated back in the spotlight a little, or to deepen the relations between the spirits . (Udyr) and the local demigods (Volibear/Ornn) .

Even taking into account the fact that Riot Games is rather keen on making champions who represent more of the peoples of Earth not represented in the LoL universe (as was the case for Zeri), certain cultures could integrate in Frejlord : an assassin inspired by the wendigos of the folklore of the North American peoples, a shaman who would invoke different spirits unlike Udyr who is possessed by them (in a mage or support role), and an ADC who would recall the Sami (nomadic people of Lapland). There is still plenty to do to offer Frejlord a bit of diversity.

Despite what is said here, it should also be kept in mind that Frejlord is not the least represented region in terms of champions. Ixtal (6 champions, last released: Qiyana) Bandle (7 champions, last released: Yuumi), Piltover (8 champions, last released: Seraphine), Targon (8 champions, last released: Aphelios) the Void (9 champions, last released : Bel'Veth), Bilgewater (10 champions last released: Nilah), the Obscure Isles (10 champions, last released: Vex) and Shurima (12 champions, last released: K'Sante) have fewer representatives. The most represented region is Ionia, with 21 characters .

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