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LoL: The worst match-up in the game, Syndra vs Heimerdinger.

LoL: The worst match-up in the game, Syndra vs Heimerdinger.

Here is a new series of articles, describing some of the worst match-ups you can come across in League of Legends. Some champions have a spell or spell kit, which allows them to totally counter certain characters without even breaking a sweat.

LoL: The worst match-up in the game, Syndra vs Heimerdinger.

With more than 160 champions present in the game , it is inevitable that some of them will be completely destroyed by others. In this new series, we will see some duels where one of the two players has only one desire: dodge . It also doesn't mean that the person with the favorable match up can play with the screen off, but with a bit of intelligence, their defeat is almost impossible without outside intervention.

Break other people's toys

If you're the kind of person who's always dreamed of breaking a friend's toy just to stop showing off, then this matchup is for you. Heimerdinger is a champion who needs his tricks, both to push the wave, but also to defend himself against attacks. The Yordle is thought to be a lane bully, because its towers allow it to last hit correctly, while focusing on the opposing champion who will have trouble farming even from a distance (and if it's a melee let's not talk about it ). Towers are also tough enough to be difficult to kill in the lane phase, which makes it usually not even profitable to try to destroy them.

Unfortunately for Heimer, Syndra has the perfect spell to deal with him . His W allows him to grab any targetable object to send it elsewhere , which also includes Heimerdinger's tricks. When the Yordle puts down a tower, Syndra just has to pick it up and throw it away. This is a bit tricky at the beginning of the game, because W still costs 60 mana points, but with the right runes (especially the one that increases your mana in the sorcery tree), it quickly becomes impossible for Heimerdinger to keep up. .

How to play the lane?

For this, you need some notions of wave management , but nothing very complicated. The goal is to let the turret put in some auto-attacks, to make sure the lane will push towards your tower, and then throw it out of range . This means the Heimer will end up with a pushing lane, with no turrets around it, at the mercy of your jungler . If he decides to try to push or trade, Syndra should win as she has a higher burst. If dodging the grenade (E) and its stun is a problem for you, rushing the boots is a great option (and it's also handy to avoid a W ult from it), while not nerfing your damage too much. Don't hesitate to ping your jungler when he's on the river, so he can take a look at the lane.

If Heimer decides not to place any more towers, he plays with one less spell, (no shit Sherlock) while remaining very vulnerable to your burst. Plus, he's not a champion with good roam potential, so staggering isn't even an option for him, and he has trouble last hitting under his rook. No matter how we take the match up, Syndra should take advantage as we go along without needing to play especially well. Be careful not to forget to ward well if you are pushing, it would be stupid to die. This doesn't necessarily allow the Heimer to regain the advantage, but if it happens multiple times, he will eventually be able to kill you even without his towers.

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