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Fortnite: Team Rumble mode becomes permanent

Fortnite: Team Rumble mode becomes permanent

From now on, Team Rumble mode will be an ever-present fixture in the Fortnite experience, following an announcement by Epic Games on Reddit.

Fortnite: Team Rumble mode becomes permanent

Team Rumble is a popular mode among Fortnite players for its opportunity to let off steam, try out new weapons or even complete challenges peacefully. Just like Solo, Duo, Squad, and Creative modes, Team Rumble now has a constant place in Epic Games' battle royale.

This means it will always be available in the Mode Selection menu, regardless of the current temporary mode or any special event under way.

This change was confirmed yesterday in a Reddit post by one of the developers at Epic Games.

Team Rumble is a game mode featuring two teams of 20 players who compete to be the first to reach 150 eliminations. In it, players respawn five seconds after their elimination and drop a random stack of ammo for ennemies to claim. Only Uncommon weapons or better are available.

This announcement was not particularly surprising — even when it didn't officially have this privilege, Team Rumble was almost treated by Epic as a permanent mode. In fact, it has been present on the list of available modes for almost a year now. Following the announcement, this will be the case ad infinitum.

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