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LoL: Drastic Ivern changes potentially in the works

LoL: Drastic Ivern changes potentially in the works

Any changes won't be implemented in either Patch 9.16 or Patch 9.17, but you should still be prepared to see a radically different Ivern on the Rift.

LoL: Drastic Ivern changes potentially in the works

Ivern has always been a 'niche pick' jungler. Since 2016 — the year he was added to League of Legends — many players have tried to master his atypical gameplay, but few actually fell in love with the champion. Ivern's pick rate never surpassed 1%.

Game Designer Blake Smith recently announced on Twiter that they were "testing out some changes for Ivern, aiming to potentially put something in for preseason".

As always, tweaks are subject to change over a period of weeks, meaning the following tests may never reach the live servers.

  • Ivern is now always ranged!
  • Instead of a bonus to his range, W now grants bonus magic damage to Ivern and all allies entering his bush.
  • Daisy is no longer a controllable pet — however, Ivern can still cause Daisy to leap to a target with his Q, and shield her.

What do you think about these tentative changes? Do you feel they might make Ivern the new top-notch champion?

Written by Julien "Imso" Hubert. Translated from French by Millenium

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