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LoL Patch 9.20 notes — Garen and Shaco finally reworked

LoL Patch 9.20 notes — Garen and Shaco finally reworked
Table of Contents
  • New Skins
  • Champion Balance Changes
  • Miscellaneous

Three weeks later, after several tweaks having been reverted, Garen's changes have finally been shipped to the liver servers. Alongside the rework of Shaco, some nerfs and buffs should shake the current League of Legends meta upside down!

LoL Patch 9.20 notes — Garen and Shaco finally reworked

The World's patch (9.19) has already been shipped to the League of Legends' live servers but it doesn't mean that Riot Games will stop there! Patch 9.20 brings the usual loads of content, features and balance changes that we've been used to — notably the long-awaited rework of Garen and Shaco!

Table of Contents

  • Champion Balance Changes: Blitzcrank, Garen, Ivern, Lissandra, Pantheon, Qiyana, Shaco, Rengar, Varus, Viktor
  • Item Balance Changes: Locket of the Iron Solari
Locket of the Iron Solari

• Shield increased: [30 (+15 per level )] → [120 (+10 per level)]

  • New Skins: High Noon Ashe, High Noon Darius, High Noon Hecarim
  • System changes: It's no longer possible to Add Friends through social media — notably by connecting your Facebook account to find friends.
  • Miscellaneous: New emotes, New Sumonner icons, New ward skins, Bugfixes
League of Legends — New High Noon skin for Ashe, Darius & Hecarim!

Thanks to datamining, we discovered a few days ago that Darius and Ashe were about to receive new High Noon skins following patch 9.20. Well, they're not the only ones, since Hecarim is also joining the Wild West family!

Thomas Sauzin
Thomas "Calo" Sauzin

Head of Portal League of Legends 🇫🇷 — Shikin Haramitsu Daikomyo

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