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Worlds 2019: Play-in Groups Day 4 Recap — MEGA & Flamengo Esports are out!

Worlds 2019: Play-in Groups Day 4 Recap — MEGA & Flamengo Esports are out!

The League of Legends World Championship continues with the fourth day of the Play-in phase! Today we're getting back with the Group C and D matches. Hong Kong Attitude, Lowkey Esports, MEGA, DAMWON Gaming, Flamengo eSports, Royal Youth — which of these teams will access the Main Event?!

Worlds 2019: Play-in Groups Day 4 Recap —  MEGA & Flamengo Esports are out!

The League of Legends World Championship continues with the fourth day of the Play-in phase! Did you miss the games? Wondering which team sprang a surprise? Here at Millenium, we got your back with the complete recap of the day!

Match 1 — DAMWON Gaming vs Royal Youth

Without any surprise, DAMWON Gaming won this match with a 13k gold lead. That's apparently what happens when you leave Nuguri's Vladimir open...

The toplaner of DAMWON once again proved that he's a major threat, ending the game with a 4/1/3 score — meaning he was present on half the kills of his team.

DAMWON confirms its lead of the group D: for now, they didn't lose any of their matches.

Match 2 — Hong Kong Attitude vs MEGA

Hong Kong Attitude took down the Vietnamese champions after a 39 minutes long game.

However, they seemed to struggle a lot to prevail — even though they had built a 6k gold lead.

MEGA completely seemed in control, to such a point that might even say that they threw their win.

Big mention to Unifed who ends up the game with an impressive 31k damage dealt to champions on his Ezreal.

Match 3 — Flamengo eSports vs DAMWON Gaming

This was the match that we were all waiting for: the invincible LCK third seed facing the blazed brTT and his teammates.

Sadly — but not really surprisingly — the CBLOL champions lost after a twenty-eight-minutes long struggle.

Each time DAMWON were taking a kill, Flamengo were answering with another one — and they managed to keep this rhythm until the mlid-game.

However, one mistake from FLA was enough to allow DAMWON to take down the Baron. From that moment on, nothing could stop the LCK third seed.

Tey shoved into the FLA Nexus, taking five more kills in the process — notably thanks to a Ryze ultimate directly aimed at FLA fountain.

Match 4 — Lowkey Esports vs MEGA

Honestly, MEGA threw this game — once again. They had the control of the map, a gold lead during most of the game — but it wasn't enough to beat Lowkey.

After a 34 minutes long game recording 26 kills in total, the SEA champions took their first victory of the day.

That was MEGA's last chance to qualify for the Main Event, meaning their Worlds' journey ended with this match.

Match 5 — Flamengo eSports vs Royal Youth

After a 41-minutes long game, Royal Youth took down the CBLOL champions — without any real difficulties.

Flamengo fought well, managing to keep the pace of kills but Royal Youth were building a slow but incredibly steady 9.5k gold lead that eventually lead them to victory.

Since both teams reached the same score, they had to play a tiebreaker at the end of the day for the second seed out of Group D.

Match 6 — Lowkey Esports vs Hong Kong Attitude

Overall, this game was a stomp: after 28 minutes, Lowkey had only taken one kill against 8 for Hong Kong Attitude — and the LMS champions were already capitalizing on four drakes and an 11k gold lead.

Using the baron buff they had secured without being really contested, Hong Kong Attitude used brute force to shove the base and the Nexus of Lowkey.

Tiebreaker — Royal Youth vs Flamengo eSports

The game seemed pretty close — during the first ten minutes. Then, Royal Youth proceeded to obliterate brtt and his teammates, building a 5k gold lead and securing two drakes in the process.

Royal Youth were winning all teamfights, without leaving any opportunity to Flamengo to come back. At 23 minutes, they secured the Baron and started to shove the toplane, eventually taking down two inhibitors.

One final action eventually decided the outcome of this game: Royal Youth dominated the teamfight and crushed FLA's Nexus.

That's it folks!

Clutch Gaming, Unicorns of Love, Splyce, Isurus Gaming, Hong Kong Attitude, Lowkey Esports, DAMWON Gaming, Royal Youth — all these teams will face each other on October 7 to decide which of them will access to the Main Event!

Sadly, that's the end of the Worlds' journey for MAMMOTH, DetonatioN FocusMe, MEGA and Flamengo Esports...

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