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LoL: Senna, the new champion in Season 9, spells, info, lore, skins & role

LoL: Senna, the new champion in Season 9, spells, info, lore, skins & role

It's now official! The 146th champion to come to League of Legends and do battle on Summoners Rift is none other than Senna, the wife of Lucian!

LoL: Senna, the new champion in Season 9, spells, info, lore, skins & role

After years of searching and battling, League of Legends ADC Lucian has finally managed to free his wife, Senna, from the clutches of Thresh's lantern.

Details of Senna's spells and abilities are not yet known, but we do know that she will be League of Legends' first ever Support Marksman.

As seen in the video above, she seemingly shoots Lucian — but the shot turns out to be a shield that protects him from Thresh's Death Sentence. Is this to be one of her abilities, as a support?

Senna's ultimate revealed!

Trapped into Thresh's lantern, Senna is one of this character that's part of League of Legends' lore while not being a playable champion. However, Lucian's wife will soon join the Summoner's Rift... and a video of her gameplay has just been unveiled!

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