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LoL Preseason, Patch 9.23: Hotfix for Sanguine Blade, Omnistone & Ezreal

LoL Preseason, Patch 9.23: Hotfix for Sanguine Blade, Omnistone & Ezreal

While patch 9.23 was deployed during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Riot Games decided to do some balancing, including an up for the new Omnistone rune and a nerf of the Sanguine Blade.

LoL Preseason, Patch 9.23: Hotfix for Sanguine Blade, Omnistone & Ezreal

The period of League of Legends preseason is above all a time for chaotic balancing and tweaks, especially with the major changes underway. Last night, Riot Games deployed a micro-patch balancing patch 9.23.



• Base HP increased: 491 → 500

• Base Mana increased: 360 → 375

• Base Mana Regen increased: 8.092 → 8.5

• Q Damage increased: 15-115 → 20-120


Cooldown between Keystones:

• Melee: 8-4 → 7-3

• Ranged: 12-8 → 11-7



Sanguine Blade

• Attack speed reduced: 40-100 → 20-80%

• Combine cost increased: 1000 → 1100


Elder Dragon's Execute damage calculation

  • The Immolation of the Elder Dragon is now correctly calculated at 20% of the target's HP, and resistances are taken into account.


  • Fiddlesticks - Visual effect correction: The visual effect of the R - Fiddlesticks raven burst is no longer invisible to the enemy team.
  • Death Dance - Bug Fix: The passive skill of the Death Dance no longer triggers an infinity of infernal Soul explosions. (These explosions will no longer trigger an infinite amount of Aery's Summoning.)
Brand gets nerfed with a quick hotfix

Without a doubt, the six Mage composition is currently the strongest line-up that you can build in Teamfight Tactics, notably because of Brand. There is nothing that can withstand a doublecast Pyroblast. Fortunately, Riot Games just announced his nerf.



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