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LoL: Sett Build Guide, Top, S10

LoL: Sett Build Guide, Top, S10

Sett is the 148th champion to come to League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the Boss in this Sett guide, who will cost 7800 Blue Essence in the first weeks of its release.

LoL: Sett Build Guide, Top, S10


League of Legends


Sett is a champion who relies heavily on his basic attacks and excels in long-lasting fights. Sett likes to stay in close combat and has very little mobility. It is necessary to privilege objects allowing at the same time to improve its dps, but also its resistances.

Beginning of the game

Doran's Shield

Sett doesn't have much range or mobility, so he's easy to poke at the beginning of the game. Doran's shield is therefore an ideal choice to keep you alive.

Core Build

Trinity Force

It grants attack speed, health points, and extra burst. All these bonuses drastically increase Sett's efficiency.

Titanic Hydra

It strengthen your wave clear as well as your ability to push your lane.

Sterak's Gage

It provides an extra shield and tenacity, allowing Sett to survive longer in the melee.

Situational Items

Dead Man's Plate

It gives movement speed and a slow effect on your first basic attack, allowing you to catch up with your enemies more easily.

Spirit Visage

It drastically increases the health point regeneration offered by Sett's Passive.

Righteous Glory

A good item to open engage opportunities, or to chase fleeing enemies.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

It increases your chances of survival in teamfights. This is an excellent item to take if you need to take on the role of Tank for your team.

How to play Sett?

Sett is a tanky champion able to inflict very heavy damage while applying good CCs. All these assets are limited by his low range and lack of mobility spells. To be effective with Sett, it is essential to manage your position as well as your opponent's vision.

Beginning of the game:

  • Level 1: Q — Knuckledown reinforces the damage of your next two auto-attacks, in addition this spell resets the recovery time of your basic attacks. This synergizes perfectly with Passive: Pit Grit which provides additional attack speed for every second self-attack.
  • Level 2: W — Haymaker allows you to poke from a distance. In addition, some of the damage you take is stored as Aggression, which is a resource consumed on W — Haymaker activation, providing an ideal shield to tank damage in a duel.

Sett has no Mana, which allows you to use your spells as regularly as possible, use this advantage to get your opponent out of the toplane.

In teamfights:

Although Sett is an excellent duelist, he excels even more in teamfights thanks to R — The Show Stopper which allows you to take an enemy and project yourself with him into the opposing team. With Sett you always have to take the lead and it's up to you to go into the center of the opposing team use E — Facebreaker to regroup the opposing team, when they are lined up you can inflict maximum damage thanks to W — Haymaker.



Tips & Tricks

  • Q — Knuckledown resets the recovery time, allowing four auto-attacks in a row to be quickly linked together.
  • Q — Knuckledown provides movement speed as you get closer to an enemy. If you need to escape, take a step forward towards your enemies to regain movement speed and move away faster.
  • W — Haymaker inflicts raw damage in the center of the spell and physical damage at the edges.
  • R — The Show Stopper always propels you at the same distance. The spell can allow you to pass through jungle walls.
  • R — The Show Stopper inflicts additional damage according to the number of health points of your target. Aim at the opponent's tank to inflict maximum damage in the opponent's ranks.

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