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Guide, Build LoL Hecarim, Jungle, S10

Guide, Build LoL Hecarim, Jungle, S10

Hecarim Jungle League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Find our tips, items, and runes to play the Shadow of War , wich costs 4800 Blue Essence.

Guide, Build LoL Hecarim, Jungle, S10


League of Legends


Hecarim is an aggressive jungler capable of inflicting very heavy damage. However, he must throw himself into the melee to be effective, leaving him exposed to enemy attacks. A mix of offensive and defensive equipment is therefore recommended in order to take advantage of the potential of Shadow of War.

Sterak's Gage vs Youmuu's Ghostblade

Sterak's Gage

The most common choice. This item offers Hecarim some AD as well as health points. The shield offered by Sterak's Gage liability is also crucial to survive the heart of the battle.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

An item that increases movement speed and deals good damage thanks to Hecarim's passive Warpath, which converts movement speed into additional damage.

Playing Hecarim

Hecarim is a champion with a lot of damage, but who needs to put himself in danger to be effective. If you're ahead of the game, he can prove to be an excellent assassin, otherwise equip yourself to engage in combat for your team and play the more traditional role of a tank.

  • Level 1: Start with your favorite buff and use you Q - Rampage as often as you can.
  • Level 2: W - Spirit of Dread will allow you to heal while farming in the jungle.
  • Level 3: Continue cleaning up your jungle and return to the base to buy your boots. Now that Predator can be activated, try to make a first gank by activating Ghost as well as Predator in order to get to your enemy with E - Devastating Charge.

Use this technique again and again when you recover your Predator, and there you have your strategy for the beginning of the game. When Predator and Ghost are in recovery time, use it to clean your jungle camps, and help the team with vision.


Following your early game you have two options on Hecarim:

  • Assassin: Your early game went well, you are ahead of the game, take advantage of your speed of movement and your damage to go get the ADC or the opponent's support and kill him immediately.
  • Tank: Your team needs an initiator, so equip yourself with items that will allow you to resist longer so you can dive into the melee using R - Onslaught of Shadows to separate the opposing team. Then return to your allies to protect them.

If your opponents have good tools to kill your allies, keep R - Onslaught of Shadows to defend your team and use E - Devastating Charge instead to engage the enemy.



Tips & Tricks

  • The cooldown of Q - Rampage is reduced when the spell hits an enemy. This effect can add up twice, so don't hesitate to use this spell regularly to keep it up.
  • W - Spirit of Dread heals more effectively when the spell is used on multiple enemies. Be careful, the amount of healing brought by the spell is limited if it is used on monsters or creeps.
  • E - Devastating Charge can get you through a thin wall if an enemy is stuck behind it.
  • You can use R - Onslaught of Shadows during E - Devastating Charge to get behind your enemies and bring them back to your allies.
  • You can use Flash during R - Onslaught of Shadows to scare off an enemy that is not in your spell area. This one won't take any damage but will suffer the state alteration.

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