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LoL Guide, Build for Galio, Mid, S10

LoL Guide, Build for Galio, Mid, S10

Galio Mid League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play the Colossus.

LoL Guide, Build for Galio, Mid, S10


League of Legends


Early game

The Corrupting Potion is a good asset in the lane phase. You can spam your spells to push a wave when when you get the opportunity, return to base, then TP on your lane to make its use profitable.


  • Sorcerer's Shoes is recommended if you aim to go on the offensive in order to maximize the impact of your spells.
  • Mercury Treads is a good pick when you fear a match-up with heavy magical damage.
  • Choose Ninja Tabi, on the other hand, against physical damage (against Zed or Talon for example).

Core items

  • Hextech Protobelt-01 is the item you absolutely must get as soon as possible. It will allow you to get closer to your targets and clear the waves quickly if needed.
  • Luden's Echo will give you a considerable powerspike of damage, and it's easy to proc his passive with an Q - Winds of War at maximum range.

Situational items

  • Void Staff is highly recommended when magical resistance builds up within the enemy.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass can be used to temporize.
  • Morellonomicon offers some magic penetration and counter healing and regeneration.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap can prevent the champion from running out of steam at the end of the game.


Twisted Fate

Tips & Tricks

  • E - Justice Punch does not allow you to go through walls.
  • The recovery time of Passive - Colossal Smash is reduced each time one of your spells hits an enemy champion (only once per spell).
  • W - Shield of Durand cannot be interrupted by enemy control.
  • The more you channel W - Shield of Durand, the longer the provocation takes.
  • R - Hero's Entrance lands you on the target's position during launch.
    Keep one of your two controls available to block your targets in your Q - Winds of War.
  • Wait until you get the passive shield back from W - Shield of Durand to take advantage of more advantageous exchanges.
  • Be careful not to use your Flash while channeling W - Shield of Durand, or the spell will dissipate.

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