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Guide, Build LoL Garen, Top, S10

Guide, Build LoL Garen, Top, S10

How to play Garen in the Top Lane in League of Legends. Discover our tips to play the The Might of Demacia, wich costs 450 Blue Essence

Guide, Build LoL Garen, Top, S10


League of Legends

Early Game

Garen is a champion who won't have many favorable match-ups, so going on Doran Shield with Health Potion seems appropriate.


  • Boots of Swiftness greatly enhance your roam potential.
  • Mercury's Treads is the best choice for a difficult heavy AP match-up.
  • Ninja Tabi if you fear an heavy AD game.

Core items

  • Trinity Force gives Garen good offensive and defensive stats, and allows you to push easily.
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade combined with the Q - Decisive Strike will make you very fast, in addition to providing you with enough to kill any carry.
  • Dead Man's Plate passively offers movement speed, as well as a damage burst, all this while being an object offering life points and armor!

Situational items

  • Guardian Angel is the all-purpose object, in Garen's case it allows you to stall teamfights.
  • Black Cleaver offers good offensive and defensive stats, and can replace Trinity Force.
  • Sterak's Gage will prevent anyone from bursting on you, and thus improves your ability to be a real tank, rather useful for winning teamfights.

Playing Garen

Garen is a warrior who needs his items very quickly, to have an impact early in the game.

  • Level 1: Try to farm while forcing the other side to miss a few minions, thanks to your Q - Decisive Strike, used as a means of pressure.
  • Level 2: It's time to spin with E - Judgement and farm while hitting your opponent!
  • Level 3: No big change compared to level 2, but you will start to be more and more resistant thanks to your W - Courage.
  • Important note: Your damages are excessive at the beginning of the game, try to abuse them on positive match-ups.



Tips & Tricks

  • Q - Decisive Strike works against towers.
  • Using Q - Decisive Strike cancels the slows you were suffering.
  • After sustaining a lot of damage on the lane, remember to enjoy your Passive - Perseverance under your tower. Note that minions damage does not interrupt your passive.
  • E - Judgment can inflict critical strikes.
  • If you hit an enemy 4 times with E - Judgement, his armor will be reduced by 25% for 6 seconds.
  • Used properly, W - Courage can greatly reduce damage in teamfights.
  • R - Demacian Justice has an incantation time of 0.5s. However, if your opponent uses his Flash within this time, he will still be hit by your ultimate.

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