LoL Guide Jayce, Top, S10

Jayce Top League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play the Defender of Tomorrow

LoL Guide Jayce, Top, S10


League of Legends


Early game

Jayce starts the game with Corrupting Potion, in order to be able to poke a maximum in lane.


  • Mercury Threads are recommended when facing heavy magical damage and/or controls.
  • Ninja Tabi, on the other hand, against physical damage.

Core items

  • Jayce needs damage and armor penetration. Youmuu's Ghostblade is ideal, giving Jayce the extra speed he needs to come back on the lane or catch his opponents.
  • In the same vein, Duskblade of Draktharr will offer the same stats, and a liability that will significantly increase your burst.
  • Black Cleaver will allow Jayce to have more damage and penetration, and above all, to reach 40% CD reduction, allowing him to spam his spells.

Situational items

  • Guardian Angel is a good solution combining physical damage and defensive solution.
  • An armor-penetrating item can be very useful to add to your lethality. Take Lord Dominik's Regards if the enemies have a lot of health points or Mortal Reminder if they have good regeneration or healing.
  • Finally, Edge of Night will be ideal if you are early and want to destroy champions with low HP

How to play Jayce ?

Jayce has two forms:

  • The cannon shape, based on distance, which inflicts less damage but keeps you safe and to poke your opponent. This is the form in which you will spend the most time on top, as it allows you to farm without endangering yourself and scratch your opponent's HPs.
  • The hammer form, in close combat, has an excellent burst and CC when you want to trade.

Alternating these two shapes gives Jayce excellent lane control and versatility in how you approach a duel. It's this creativity that you need to rely on to bully your opponents to the top.

Early game

  • Level 1: Q - Shock Blast will allow you to poke easily from level 1.
  • Level 2: W - Lightning Field / Hyper Charge will allow you to inflict important damage, make sure to use W - Hyper Charge in Cannon form, to take advantage of the attack speed improvement when you hammer.
    When your opponents are low on HP, don't hesitate to cycle burst in Cannon form and switch to Hammer form in order to jump on him and, if possible, finish him off.
  • Don't forget that Q - Shock Blast enhanced by E - Acceleration Gate allows you to inflict huge damage at very long range. You can play with the Fog of War to launch your Q then the E to poke your opponent without being on his screen.

When in teamfight

Jayce doesn't excel in teamfights, he's more efficient in split-push. But if you need to regroup, use Q - Shock Blast enhanced by E - Acceleration Gate to reduce their life bar. When the opposing team starts to get weak enough you can use Flash followed by a full combo to assassinate an opposing carry.



Tips & Tricks

  • Launch Q - Shock Blast then E - Acceleration Gate to further surprise your opponents.
  • Push an opponent through a wall with E - Thundering Blow and jump on him with Q - To the Skies! to isolate the target, kill him and eventually escape. This technique also works on monsters like the Blue Sentinel.
  • The passive of W - Lightning Fields allows you to recover mana with the basic Mercury Hammer attacks.
  • You can use W - Hyper Charge and switch to Mercury Hammer form without losing the granted attack speed.

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