LoL Guide Yasuo, Top, S10

Yasuo Top League of Legends Season 10 Guide - Check out our tips, items and runes to play The Unforgiven.

LoL Guide Yasuo, Top, S10


League of Legends


Early game

Doran's Shield will help you survive the lane phase in case of a tough matchup. But if you feel confident, you can also opt for Doran's Blade.


Buy the Berzerker's Greaves as early as possible in the game, since they will allow you to increase your attack speed and thus reduce the reloading time of Q - Steel Tempest.

Core items

  • Statikk Shiv is a priority item, giving Yasuo critical strike chance and attack speed, while the passive allows him to clear waves of henchmen faster.
  • Infinite Edge as a second item is just as important as the Statikk Shiv. It gives you the 100% critical strike chance and increases your critical damage.
  • Bloodthirst offers a large amount of attack damage but also a lot of life stealing. In addition, the shield it provides, which adds up perfectly with Passive - Way of the Wanderer, allows you to absorb a lot of damage throughout the game.

Situational items

  • Mercurial Scimitar could almost be one of the main objects as it is so important on Yasuo which is very sensitive to controls.
  • Maw of Malmortius will be of great help to you if the opponent's composition is mostly magic.
  • Guardian Angel can be useful in a defensive perspective without neglecting the damage.

How to play Yasuo

Yasuo is an excellent duelist, who has a lot of mobility thanks to E - Sweeping Blade. He is much more effective when fighting near a wave of henchmen, as they allow him to move easily to reach his opponent and avoid skillshots. W - Wind Wall is an asset for Yasuo at the end of the game, as it can allow him to completely counter certain mages or shooters, preventing them from reaching his allies.

  • Level 1: You will take Q - Steel Tempest in all circumstances, as it will allow you to last-hit minions more easily against a ranged match-up that would try to prevent you from farm, or poke a melee opponent.
  • Level 2: Against a ranged match-up that can poke and inflict a lot of damage, don't hesitate to take W - Wind Wall to last-hit a few minions to safety. Otherwise, take your E - Sweeping Blade to go and carry out short attacks against your opponent and gradually knock out his HP.
  • Level 3: Take W - Wind Wall if your opponent has attacks in the form of projectiles. If necessary, put a point back in the Q - Steel Tempest to increase your damage during your attacks.



Tips & Tricks

  • Your wall blocks all projectiles, use it at the right time to defeat very long cooldown spells such as an ultimate Caitlyn, Nami or Blitzcrank's Q - Rocket Grab. However, you don't block spells that are not considered projectiles, such as Q - Arcanopulse from Xerath, or R - Life Form Disintegration Ray from Vel'Koz.
  • If you cast an opponent with Q - Steel Tempest, you can inflict a basic attack before using your ultimate when your opponent is in the air.
  • W - Wind Wall gives the vision on a small area, very useful to see a jungle camp in order to use E - Sweeping Blade and pass the wall that separates you.
  • Don't forget that you can use Q - Steel Tempest just after E - Sweeping Blade to inflict area damage and possible projection.
  • Very small projections, such as Quinn's E - Vault or Gragas' E - Body Slam are enough to use your ultimate. Be reactive!
  • You can cross small walls at jungle camps by crossing the monster closest to the wall towards it with E - Sweeping Blade.

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