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LoL Guide: Ahri Mid S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

LoL Guide: Ahri Mid S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

Season 11 Guide for Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox — Here are tips, items, and runes to play the champion valued at 4800 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide: Ahri Mid S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

Our Season 11 Mid Lane Ahri guide features recommendations on rune choices, itemisation, tips and tricks, and more. Be advised that these guidelines are not rigid, and that nothing is set in stone as in-game circumstances (i.e. lane matchup, enemy team composition, enemy team advantages or lack thereof) may lead you to adapt and tweak your approach, particularly after your core build is complete.


League of Legends

Summoner Spells

Below are the most frequently used Summoner Spells on Ahri. Variations are possible depending on your playstyle, matchup, etc.

Flash - League of Legends
Ignite - League of Legends

Core items


Luden's Tempest

Rabadon's Deathcap

  • Luden's Tempest is a strong addition to Ahri's burst damage, and it helps her move easier around team fights.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap dramatically increases Ahri's damage.

Starting items

Health Potion x 2 - League of Legends
Health Potion x 2
Doran's Ring - League of Legends
Doran's Ring
Sorcerer's Shoes - League of Legends
Sorcerer's Shoes

Skill sequence

Depending on the situation, you may opt to level a different skill — e.g.: taking one level of each skill in the first three levels, the choice of the second skill adapting to the situation at hand. But, as a rule of thumb, Ahri players are advised to level their skills following this priority order:

R > Q > W > E


Ahri has decent range with Q - Orb of Deception, but her overall early-game damage is not that high. Considering that she relies on landing her Q, make sure to do so.

  • Level 1: Focus on the health bars of allied and enemy minions to determine when your opponent will position themselves to last-hit a minion. When your opponent's auto-attack animation winds up, try to hit your Q - Orb of Deception, and repeat the process as much as possible.
  • Level 2: As E - Charm becomes available, you will continue to play exactly the same way. Charm is an expensive spell, but it is worth landing as your opponents take 20% additional damage from your spells. Be sure to land them, as every bit of mana matters.
  • Level 3: You can take W - Fox-Fire if you wish, or you can add an additional level on Q - Orb of Deception to amplify your poke damage as previously described.

Tips & Tricks

  • Your Q - Orb of Deception deals true damage on its way back, ignoring Magic Resistance and Armor.
  • If you cast your E - Charm and you use Flash immediately after, your Charm animation will cast from where your champion has Flashed, significantly lowering your opponent's reaction time.
  • Activate your W - Fox-Fire before hitting an opponent with your ultimate for an extra damage punch.
  • W - Fox-Fire will prioritize champions that you hit, especially if they are under the effect of Charm.
  • Do your best to damage your opponent with your Q - Orb of Deception on its way forward, and on its way back. You can do it two ways: step towards the side that your opponent has favored or dodged towards so that it hits them; or hit them at maximum range to apply both damage ticks simultaneously.

We would like to thank Mobalytics for their statistics.


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