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LoL Guide: ADC Ashe S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

LoL Guide: ADC Ashe S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

Season 11 AD Carry guide for Ashe, the Frost Archer — Here are tips, items, and runes to play the champion valued at 450 Blue Essences.

LoL Guide: ADC Ashe S11 — Build, Runes, Tips and Tricks

Our League of Legends Season 11 AD Carry Ashe guide features recommendations on rune choices, itemisation, tips and tricks, and more. Be advised that these guidelines are not rigid, and that nothing is set in stone as in-game circumstances (i.e. lane matchup, enemy team composition, enemy team advantages or lack thereof) may lead you to adapt and tweak your approach, particularly after your core build is complete.


BUILD - League of Legends

Summoner Spells

Below are the two most used summoner spells that Ashe players use for the majority of their games. Variations are possible depending on your playing style, match-up requirements, etc.

Flash - League of Legends
Heal - League of Legends

Core items


Immortal Shieldbow

Runaan's Hurricane


  • Immortal Shieldbow helps marksmen survive enemy burst damage, then regain the upper hand through health regeneration.
  • Runaan's Hurricane allows shooters to multiply the number of targets hit by their attacks.

Starting Items and Boots

Health Potion x 1 - League of Legends
Health Potion x 1
Doran's Blade - League of Legends
Doran's Blade
Berzerker's Greaves - League of Legends
Berzerker's Greaves

Skill Sequence

In this section lies our recommendations on skill priority for Ashe. Depending on the situation, you may sometimes wish to prioritize a different spell.

R > W > Q > E


Ashe is a powerful and useful AD carry from start to finish. She has a relatively high damage output in the early game due to her great range and to her ability to punish overextending targets with her W - Volley, in addition to her slowing Passive - Frost Shot that allows her to kite an opponent indefinitely.

  • Level 1 : Choose W - Volley to harass your opponents from a safe distance.
  • Level 2 : An early level in Q - Ranger's Focus best fits an aggressive Level 2 gameplay, when supports may engage targets in combat, as the skill increases your attack speed, the damage you deal, and the slow on locked down targets.
  • Level 3 : E - Hawkshot provides vision at a targeted area on the map. The skill comes in handy should Ashe or her support venture into the enemy team's jungle to place a ward, or to locate enemies on the map and ward off ganks or provide information to your jungler.

    The great initiation capacity that lies in her global ultimate, R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow, makes her a great asset as she can engage skirmishes from anywhere on the map. In addition, the greater the distance travelled by the arrow, the longer the stun lasts, up to a cap of 3 seconds.

    Nevertheless, Ashe remains dependent on her allies' support in team fights, as her lack of mobility means that she cannot afford to be isolated, nor can she afford to overextend in her positioning. As an Ashe player, you must inflict as much damage to the opposing team from the safety that your teammates provide through peeling or through their positioning.

Tips and Tricks

  • The slow effect provided by Ashe's passive makes her a champion who excels in "kiting", i.e. attacking while moving, so you can deal maximum damage while remaining out of a melee's range.
  • Feel free to use your Ultimate to grab an isolated target, thus assisting your allies in killing them.
  • Q - Ranger's Focus drastically increases your DPS, but its cooldown is quite long. Use it primarily against opposing champions to win trades.
  • The number of targets hit by W - Volley increases the number of stacks needed to activate the Q - Ranger's Focus. Use it to surprise your enemies and to quickly activate your Q, thus increasing your DPS.
  • The slowing power of your passive is doubled when Q - Ranger's Focus is active, increasing your ability to "kite" and to pursue an opponent until their demise.
  • Feel free to use W - Volley to harass your enemies early in the game, especially if you're playing with Arcane Comet (Sorcery tree Keystone) instead of Press the Attack (Precision tree Keystone).

Thanks to Mobalytics for their statistics.


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